Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nature Abhors a Vacuum...

And so do cats and apparently the gunnie community. With the news that CTD ran with its tail between its legs from online gun sales, we find a perennial favorite has stepped up to the plate:

Dragon Leatherworks has guns for sale.

Now, it's a small offering to get started, to be sure, but Dennis promises that there will be more to come. He's hinting that there might be some, err, larger pistolas in the coming weeks and months, hinting that a large bore with custom holster might be gracing the "For Sale" section sometime in the near future.

This. This is something to be encouraged.

You know, it's funny, it really is. The gun business is one of the few that has thrived in the lousy economy of the past four years, and now the Democrats and their gun control buddies are doing their level best to kill that, as well. It's like they want the country to fall. I personally know several folks whose very livelihood depends on the success of the gunnie community - and with things up in the air, they have no idea what the future will hold. This makes me unhappy.

So, please, support your local shop - even if it happens to be located online.

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, I love all those Companies who were more than happy to make Billions off of Gun Purchasers now jumping ship like Rats.

Of course, you gotta love all those Stores and Gun Show Dealers who are taking the $700 they advertised one month ago and adding $300 to the Tab.

And I thought the Winter of 2008/2009 was bad.

Bubblehead Les. said...

That's $700 AR, BTW.

Dragon said...

Thanks for the link, Jay!

The offerings are small now, but with luck will grow. I'm ramping this side of the business up slowly, same as I did with the holster side.

If there is a gun that folks would like to see if I can locate and price out, they can drop an email or use the contact page on the site.

Thanks again!

Old NFO said...

Good for Dennis- Good guy and a 'straight' shooter (including with a pistol)... :-)

Dave H said...

Well done Dennis! It's encouraging to see a business grow and branch out like that.

It was a nice coincidence that I found a few posts on my state gun forum by one "DragonLW" yesterday.

p said...

It actually looks like they suspended gun sales because their website was swamped with orders. They now say they will start processing orders as soon as they can but please give them at least 72 hours to process any orders.