Thursday, December 6, 2012

Layers and Layers of Oversight...

Stretch sends this one in. As a pajama-clad blogger, I had to laugh.

Massachusetts newspaper says longtime reporter made up sources
HYANNIS, Mass. – A Massachusetts newspaper says one of its longtime reporters made up sources for her stories, and it has issued an apology. 
Cape Cod Times Publisher Peter Meyer and Editor Paul Pronovost said Tuesday an internal review found the reporter wrote dozens of stories with "sources who do not exist."
Now, there are several things to note here. First off, the Cape Cod Times isn't exactly the Globe or the Herald. It's a small, local paper with mostly local news. Secondly, the stories about which the reporter has made up sources were mostly of the human interest or local sports variety; it's far more likely that this was more the result of laziness rather than anything nefarious.

Sorry, just had to indulge in a bit of schadenfreude there. It's interesting to see traditional print media fall flat on it's face; like seeing a reference to a "Glock Service Revolver". We in the "new" media - although with nearly 20 years of online publications, the web is hardly new - are often accused (by dead tree media) of operating without editors or fact-checkers. It's always refreshing to see that we're not the only ones, apparently.

When asked for comment, longtime reader Nebediah Goldstein was quoted as saying "I don't know about the Cape Cod Times any more. At least that MArooned blog has never made up any sources."

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

He was just trying to work his way up to a spot as a Boston Glob or NYT Columinst and wanted to show how he could make up stuff ..........

Just like Barnicle and the rest do.