Friday, December 14, 2012

Late-Breaking Friday Addition!

Mopar sends in this Friday addition:

19-year-old would be robber shot, killed by clerks
SPRINGFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) - Springfield Township Police have identified a robbery suspect who they say was shot and killed by two gas station clerks overnight.
Police say Lashawn Daniels, 19, of Mason, entered the Sunoco station at 10960 Hamilton Avenue at 12:30 a.m. on Monday, carrying a handgun. He forced one employee behind the counter and demanded cash from the register.

Now, this one is both out of the ordinary, in that the recently deceased had no criminal record, but also depressingly familiar - authorities go out of their way to wring their hands and opine that clerks should comply with demands made by the criminals. Yeah, that worked so well in the NY pharmacy, didn't it? Or in any number of cases where employees were assaulted, robbed themselves, or worse - how do you know that the crooks aren't going to decide to leave no witnesses?

There's a lot of blank spots in the story, too - they claim that the robber fired first, which would either support or contradict the claim that the clerks shouldn't have resisted. If the robber opened fire after seeing the clerk with the gun, then perhaps the authorities were correct; if he opened fire first, then obviously the authorities are full of BS. It's also unclear if each clerk had a firearm, or if perhaps one of the clerks took the robber's firearm away from him.

In any case, the good guys are still on the right side of the dirt, so I call this a win.

Dead Goblin Count: 349

That is all.

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