Monday, December 3, 2012

Gunnie Stocking Stuffers

Reader Fran e-mailed me with an excellent - and timely - suggestion for a blog post:
Can you write a post (soon) on stocking stuffers for gunnies?  Particularly items in the $5-15 dollar range?
This is an excellent idea - there's all kinds of small but thoughtful gifts in this price range for the gun nut in your life. In no particular order (except for how they popped into my brain), here are some ideas for a gunnie under $20.
  • Targets - who couldn't use another package of B-34s or color-changing targets?
  • A box of ammo - you can still get a brick of .22LR for under $20, and everyone can use that!
  • A box of disposable ear plugs - I keep several boxes of disposable plugs in my range bag, in my truck, and in my target box. You never know when someone is going to need hearing protection at the last minute, and better to have disposable foam plugs than have to go home.
  • Boresnakes - they are a real timesaver, and I'd wager that 99% of the gunnies on your list would love to have another caliber, or even a new snake...
  • Ammo boxes - particularly for the reloader in your life.
  • Two words: LED flashlight. I've got a Microstream by Streamlight that I got off Amazon for something like $16.50. It's small, fits easily in a pocket, and throws a heckuva amount of light on a single AAA batter.
  • Clear plastic boxes - not intuitive at first, but I've got a bunch of clear plastic storage boxes I use for my various gunnie things - one for targets, one for cleaning supplies, one for reloading components, etc.
  • Magazines - while $20 might not buy a Wilson Combat magazine, it'll get a decent Chip McCormack. Or another magazine for their favorite .22LR autoplinker.
  • A small bottle of the latest wizbang grease/oil/cleaner/etc. that everyone's been raving about. They might not go out and buy it for themselves, but if they get it as a gift? Why not?
  • Tools - brass punches, allen wrenches, hex wrenches; there's a lot of specialized tools that they might not have that could really come in handy.
  • Another pocketknife - there's plenty of neat Gerbers and Kershaws in this price range, and who couldn't use another decent knife that they wouldn't mind losing in a pinch?
  • Cleaning brushes/jags - I picked up a set of brass jags at MidwayUSA a few years back that I honestly can't see how I lived without. Having the right tools makes a hard job just a little bit easier.

So, what would you like to get - or give - as a gunnie stocking stuffer?

That is all.


Mopar said...

Almost every year my wife buys me a big bottle of Hoppes #9. She says it's her favorite cologne. I <3 my wife!

Dave H said...

That suggestion for a small bottle of the latest goo is brilliant. I don't know how many times I've wanted to try some new product but just didn't feel like paying the $10-$20 for something I might use only once. (Here's a hint for manufacturers of such: sample sizes!)

Some outdoorsy products that fit into a range bag might be appreciated too:
Insect repellent
Hand cleaning towlettes (I keep a can of baby wipes in the bag when I'm shooting rimfire.)
First aid kit
Aspirin or Tylenol for when that scope just won't hold a zero
Cheap folding binoculars

ExurbanKevin said...

Heh. Last night, I pre-loaded a post on this very topic for later in the week, with the twist that it's caliber-nuetral. It's a gun nut shopping guide for people who don't know guns.

Geodkyt said...

How about the "lead wipe" specific "baby wipes"? Maybe they don't work any better than regular old hand wipes (I honestly don't know), but they:

A. are better than nothing

B. show you thought about something the giftee can really use, but is unlikely to buy themselves

C. even if they don't work any better, they are a good (yet subtle) reminder to wash your hands after visiting the Loud Room.

Scott_S said...

Orange scented shop soap/scrubber. I think it's called fast orange or something.

It's got enough grit in it to pull lead/carbon/grease or whatever off of your hands and it has a nice orange scent that makes you smell clean even if you've been sweating over a reloading bench in the 100+degree garage.....

All of the others are acceptable.

Grayson said...

Double-end bristle gun brushes (like toothbrushes, only better.)
Useful for cleaning guns.... and damn near everything else that regular soap and water doesn't wash very well.
I gave one to my plumber after he finished a little job in the basement, a while ago. Next day, he's on the phone, asking me, "Where can I get a couple dozen of those neat little green gun brushes like the one you had?"

Cheers, Jay.

Ross said...


Oleg posted a link to a fundraiser from Virgina Open Carry - an I love guns & coffee challenge coin: