Friday, December 21, 2012

Good Stuff Around the 'Net

Folks, there's a lot of good stuff out there. Here's some excellent reading material I've found related to the Newtown, CT murders and subsequent fallout.
Larry Correia has forgotten more about guns and gun laws that most people will ever learn. He has sold firearms, he has taught the UT concealed handgun permit class, this guy has done it all. He tackles gun control, some of the nuttier ideas floating around, and generally puts things in perspective. If you read nothing else on the purported gun control floating around, read this.

Will riffs on Joe Huffman's excellent article on how this should be the last stand for the gun control movement. Will's idea is that we should capitalize on the absurdity of "gun free zones" and run a series of commercial-length videos that detail the events from a witness's perspective. He suggests contrasting this with stories from legal defensive uses of firearms to show that for every horrible massacre like Newtown, there are thousands - or more - times where the presence of a firearm helped keep people safe. He's soliciting opinions and thoughts, and it's a great start of an idea.

He has opened up his post for folks that don't know a lot about guns and the current gun laws. He's encouraging them to post their suggestions, and then talking about them in a meaningful, constructive way. He's got a good list of ground rules - but basically, don't be a dick - and is encouraging both sides to engage in actual discussion. What a shock! This is a great idea; the one downside is that the folks that most desperately need to participate most likely won't...

He's got a great point. Now, I collect military surplus firearms, so I can't definitively say that none of my firearms have ever fired at a human being, but I can definitively state that I have never harmed another human being with any of my guns (with the possible exception of the Snubbie from Hell™).  Placing new laws on what I can or cannot own is not going to stop the next nutbag from causing death and destruction. Lunatics and criminals are not deterred by bans or gun free zones, and it's high time we stopped pretending they did anything except provide a false sense of security.

What's especially poignant is that by highlighting the PATRIOT Act, he hits the trifecta: It was widely and roundly decried by the left. yet they did nothing to repeal it once they held the reins of power; the right supported it wholeheartedly, then railed when the left came into power and [GASP] used those shiny tools against us; and it's a perfect example of bureaucratic inertia - laws in motion tend to stay in motion. Forever.
There's plenty more good stuff out there; these are some especially good reads - enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I was referred to Larry's post yesterday by Firehand, and it raised my "Common Sense" quotient by several points. Here is another read he led me to that raised my I.Q. by a few points. Worth your time.

Will Brown said...

Thanks Jay.

A common metaphor people use to describe circumstances like we are experiencing here is that of a swelling river or rising tide. I prefer the concept of a fire hose. At the moment the pressure is rising and the power of the change is too; it just needs a bit of directing to attain a useful and beneficial effect instead of washing away the foundation (to really strain the whole metaphor concept).

We shouldn't try to "end" attacks on our rights (or crime more generally), but to change the assumptions that lead to how we choose to respond to such behavior.

Eric said...

Thank you for posting Larry's level-headed response to the current tragedy. This event has troubled me more than any shooting I can remember.

Guns are a polarizing issue, but I'd love to see more real discussion about how to improve our current situation. That means no "automatic/semiautomatic guns are evil, let's ban them all" and no "cars kill more people than guns (show me homicide/assault stats with cars and guns, not accident stats)"

Let's be pragmatic...what can we realistically do to improve this? You can't get rid of guns and magazine capacity restrictions are ineffective.

Sorry to show up unannounced. I'm a lurker and have followed your blog for a little while now. I live in OH and can count the number of guns I own on my fingers, so at least 1 and less than 11 :)

Mightybison said...

Can we push from this angle as well?

Has anyone else noticed that this administration is demanding that American citizens (including veterans and servicemen who swore and honored an oathto the Constitution) be deprived of our Constitutional Right to bear arms at the same time it is GIVING state of the art fully automatic rifles, missiles, rockets, mines, tanks, artillery, F-16s, and all other battle implements to PEOPLE WHO PUBLICALY SWEAR TO MURDER EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US AND END OUR VERY EXISTANCE????Al Qaeda, the muslim brotherhood and all manner of islamic jihadists ar armed at American taxpayer expense with the very weapons we are denied. They then proceed to to murder tens of thousands to establish tyrannical regimes and even use these very weapons to attack and kill our servicemen and citizens overseas.This administrations "Reason"?To resist and overthrow their own government.As the frenzy to restrict our God given right to bear arms in this country moves forward, we MUST remind both the people AND this government that they ALREADY PUBLICLY AND AS A MATTER OF POLICY recognize the right to keep and bears arms for the sole reason of resisting governmental over reach! The "discussion" is over. They concede our argument.We need only demand they recognize such rights for American Citizens.This administration wants to disarm American citizens while arming foreign jihadists in the name of "Freedom from tyrranny". These people have have sworn publicly to kill us all and end our way of life.Would it be to much to ask for our President to recognize, honor, and promote our rights at least as much as he does foreign terrorist's?