Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #299: Christmas Guns!

Earlier this week, I asked for folks to send in pictures of guns they got for Christmas. Got a pretty good response, too - seems like a lot of folks got firearms for gifts...

Greg got his daughter her very own Rossi Trifecta:

.22LR, .243 Winchester, and 20 gauge - pretty much covers all the bases!

Reese gave his XD45 a trigger job:

Per Reese's e-mail:
While I didn't get a new gun, I did get a trigger kit from Powder River Precision for my Springfield XD45 compact.

The trigger kit lightened the pull by about 1 - 1.5lbs and, more importantly, shortened the overall travel of the trigger. Now, I need to go shoot it!
Very nice!

John Bernard Books got a Rock Island Armory Tactical 2011:

Mopar got an Encore:

He's got a .45 LC/.410 gauge barrel for it and is looking for a .30-06. I want to shoot it so bad my wrist hurts already...

Skip got a new carry gun:

JFT got a Springfield Range Officer 1911:

Very nice - that one makes me jealous!

KJ also got an XD:

He would like to state, for the record, that immediately after this picture was taken he sold this XDm 3.8 compact to Sumdood in a perfectly legal, untrackable private sale as allowed in his state of residence...

And Dan - who is also trapped in MA - got two guns!

He got an FNH FS2000 bullpup and a Smith & Wesson model 325 Nightguard. Color me very jealous. He also offered to make the next bloggershoot so I can shoot them both.

Challenge accepted!

And a bunch of folks sent links:
Sailorcurt got a vicious assault weapon.

THOTpolice got himself and his ladyfriend a cannon.

Jeffersonian is assembling an AR-15.

#1 blogdaughter got a cornucopia of gunnie goodness.

So, to recap, we have eight new firearms, one upgrade, two evil black rifles to be, some black powder cannons, and a Bug-a-salt. Not a bad haul for a Christmas, eh? I will most likely turn my gift cards into ammunition, assuming that there is any to be had, but I might use my Cabelas or Dick's cards towards a new firearm...

Thanks for sending everything in, folks!

That is all.


GuardDuck said...

Oh shoot man, I missed the invite.

Darling wife bought me a Ruger LC9.

Anonymous said...

@Dan: Eagle's Secret Service grips would look good on your 325. Not so great for high-count range trips.

Jeffersonian said...


daniel said...

Thanks for the recommendation on grips. The grips leave the tang exposed and sticking into your palm as you shoot so they have to go. The smooth secret service look perfect for carry and a set of the finger position grips look like just the thing for IDPA.
GuardDuck, I have had the lc9 and it quickly became my favorite conceal carry gun. It works in a pocket holster but where it really shines is with a crossbreed mini tuck. I have a Velcro kit on my mini tuck and a belt with Velcro inside. With this setup I can tuck my shirt in and no part of the holster or gun is visible. Perfect for carrying around all the sheep in mass.

Rifleman762 said...


I also just picked up a 325NG and brought it to the range today.

For IDPA, this gun will definitely need a different set of grips, a trigger job and also a good reload recipe- factory FMJ produced a surprising amount of recoil considering what I've read about the 325. For serious competition, a 625 might be the best option. However, the glow of the tritium front sight and the 6 rounds of Critical Defense in the cylinder are comforting as the 325 rests on my nightstand. Great gun.