Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #298

Today's gun pic is a new look on an existing gun in the armory:

The SIG SAUER P238 I received for T&E has new stocks, and boy howdy, don't they look sharp?

I had a chance to bring the little 380 to the range this past weekend, and was pleased to find it functioned fine with brass cased ammo (at a previous trip with Wally we discovered that it does NOT like steel cased 380...). Precision is excellent, accuracy is very very good, especially in my hands. At 25 feet everything was on paper; the first magazine was wide but the second was closer and the third right on target.

Obviously, more shooting to follow, but so far I really like this 1911-style gun!

That is all.


Ancient Woodsman said...

Curious of your comparison between the P238 and those like the LCP/Bodyguard/P3AT.

I've had a soft spot for 1911-like .380s seemingly forever, but now only have an LCP and a P230 for my .380s. I'd like to see you do an objective comparison of the P238 and at least one of the little plastic microguns.

Review or not, if SIG made a .380 the size of the old Colt Government .380, I'd buy one. I had inherited a Colt from my father-in-law and getting rid of that was one of my more stupid acts.

bogie said...

I want one - specifically the beautiful rainbow one. Maybe I'll gift myself one for Christmas.

Ed and Jackie said...

I have the HDW (heavy slide, all stainless, rosewood grips) and LOVE it. My limited experience says my P238 is much more comfortable to shoot than the lcp/bodyguard/p3at (though I haven't fired the p3at, i have exchanged .380's at the range for comparison).

It's also much, much heavier. Well, I have the heaviest model, which is frankly like a hammer in the hand (compact, heavy, solid). The plastics are seriously lighter in hand and pocket...and less fun to shoot.

I'll sum up: I've put better than 200 rounds through my sig p238 in one range session. No discomfort. Would have shot more, but I was getting tired of loading 6 and 7 rounds at a time. Can't say I've seen the same for the plastics.