Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Gun Pr0n #297

I've been waiting for this day for about six months now. Not too long after the NRA Convention in April, I was talking with Wally about building up an AR-15 suitable for hunting/target shooting. We discussed it off and on over the following months, and really started coming together at the close of the summer. This past weekend I met with Wally to bring her home:

I've laid out the parts list before, with the only addition since that list being the Leupold Mark AR that I received earlier this year. The only thing I may change is to swap out the Harris swivel-sling mount bipod with something that attaches directly to the picatinny rail - it's a slightly longer reach for the swivel-swing mount, and isn't as sturdy as it could be. Any suggestions on a rail-mounted bipod?

Wally and I set out to do a rough zeroing at 100 yards, and even with my inexpert finger on the trigger it became readily apparent that this is one crazy-accurate rifle. We're going to get her dialed all in at 200 yards sometime in the spring, with a few shots at 300 and 400 yards to see where she hits. I can't wait to bring this rifle to Colorado next year to see how she fares against the wily prairie dog!

Big thanks to Wally and York Arms for this most excellent rifle!

That is all.


Andie said...

Oh, my... someone was a good boy this year! ;) Look forward to seeing the continued dialing in come spring time!

SteveG said...

Roger said...

I hope you are as pleased with your York Arms based AR as I am with mine which you so graciously displayed in your gun Pr0n a few weeks ago.
It shoots nice tiny groups and stops for nothing.
Feed you new rifle good ammo, keep it clean and enjoy it for a loooong time.

Jay G said...


Why, yes, I have. Also very fortunate, too, in my choice of friends. Can't wait to tune this right on on the long range...


Thanks! I know that there are rail-mounted bipods; I didn't realize someone had adapted a Harris thusly.

Hmm. Wonder if Larue needs a T&E review... :D


I've only fired 25 rounds through mine so far, but it has been a real joy to shoot so far.

I'm really looking forward to stretching its legs a bit and getting her set up for prairie dog eradication... ;)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yep, as the old commercial said: "Long Distance, the next best thing to being there."

Brad_in_MA said...

I know a place you shoot 200 yards.

Brad_in_MA said...

I know a place you shoot 200 yards.