Thursday, December 27, 2012

File Under "N" for Not Getting It...

I have to shake my head. I really do. On the same page as the story about the "thousands" rallying against gun violence in Copley Square is this story:

Bail Lowered For Former Fitchburg Student Who Wore Fake Ammo Belt On Campus
FITCHBURG (CBS) – Dozens of Fitchburg State University students showed up at a bail reduction hearing at Worcester Superior Court in support of Andrew Despres, who was being held on $50,000 bail over charges of trespassing and carrying ammunition without a firearms license.

Despres was arrested after campus police discovered he was wearing what turned out to be a fake ammunition belt. He spent a week in jail before having his bail reduced to $500 on Wednesday.

Don't you just love the irony? We need to DO SOMETHING about what happened in Connecticut - but don't you dare enforce the existing gun laws. Couple this story with the one earlier about David Gregory and you see why those of us on the pro-liberty side pull our hair out whenever someone says we need to "do something" about gun violence. Before we start talking about what new laws should be passed, perhaps we should think about enforcing the old laws.

Look. Massachusetts gun laws are stupid and unconstitutional - but they are the law. Folks like Representative David Linsky think that MA gun laws are too lax - and yet the laws are consistently watered down, pleaded away, or outright ignored. The law in MA is that ammunition - and any component thereof - requires an FID card to possess. Those novelty bullet keychains? Illegal without an FID card. A single piece of spent brass stuck in the tread of your boot leaving the range? A felony without an FID card. If those were real brass casings in that belt, that student committed a felony by purchasing it.

But between this story and the Gregory one, we see how the theory of "we must DO something" conflicts with the reality of how things are. They don't really want us to do something, they want to feel like something has been done - much like they want to "feel" safe. Guns are too easy to get! No one needs a high capacity magazine! But, wait, don't send David Gregory to jail over having one illegally. Kids shouldn't be able to buy ammunition! But, wait, don't prosecute this poor college kid for having ammunition. It's this Jekyll and Hyde approach that drives us nuts.

Because we know that as sure as the sun rises, any new gun control legislation that passes will be ignored by the liberal elite within seconds...

That is all.


JD Rush said...

Wow, Mass is just like NYC- any case that could threaten their little house of cards (illegal laws) is dismissed or plead down.

Don F said...

I feel safe...ask any of the guys at the diner in the AM---we are all carrying!