Friday, December 21, 2012

Fifth Annual Northeast Blogger Winter Dinner, Update II

Well, the blog dinner is two weeks from tomorrow, and in a couple of days it will be all-Christmas all the time for most, so I figured I'd post another update. Original post here, first update here.

What? Northeast Blogger Winter Gathering.

Who? Any and all bloggers, commenters, readers, lurkers, etc. in the Northeast area, or those passing through, or anyone crazy enough to show up.

When? Saturday, January 5th. Our reservations are at 7:00 PM, ask for the table for Jay.

Where? Another executive decision made! We will be meeting at KC's Rib Shack in Manchester, NH. We've had the dinner there before, the food is excellent, the staff is excellent, and they shuffle us upstairs and don't mind if we get a little rowdy (or stay after closing). There's a couple hotels close by, for those looking to stay overnight, too.

Why? Folks getting together to enjoy good food, great beer, and superlative company. Bring your appetite, a whistle for wetting, and your best stories to tell. Sometimes we embarrass ourselves playing pool afterwards...

Mopar & Cher
Doubletrouble & Mrs. Doubletrouble
Heath & CF
JD & The Mrs.
Yankeefried & Mrs.Yankeefried

Wally & A.
Phil R.
A super special mystery guest

Still plenty of time to make reservations, arrange sitters, etc. so if you're nearby (or don't mind driving), come join us!

That is all.


HerrBGone said...

KC's? The KC's??? Only been there once or twice with friends from the flea market, but KC's? How can I NOT? (Assuming you want to put up with another MAhole blogger... (At least that's what you called me in the chat last night, Jay! ;^} )) BTW: This is Dave from the chat over at The Squirrel Report. I'll no doubt be dragging Mum along. She's cool and an avid listener too.

Weer'd Beard said...

Missed the early announcement. Just need to see if the wife is free too.

Put us in as a Maybe, and I'll get back to you this weekend.

Chad said...

Put me in as a maybe, too, Jay, if you don't mind.