Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas...

A whole bunch of folks sent me this story. It brings a tear to my eye, it does, to see such grand father-son bonding...

Texas burglary suspect calls 911 on homeowner with gun
A Texas burglary suspect dialed 911 early Tuesday morning to report that an armed homeowner was threatening to shoot him, reported.
James Gerow, the homeowner, told the station that he awoke and discovered a man wearing a dark hoodie inside his Springtown, Texas home. Springtown is a small city Northwest of Fort Worth.
The story later says the goblin admitted to "bad intentions", which certainly doesn't sound good but I wonder if it's just a legal term - like to differentiate between someone who was drunk and walked into the wrong house and an actual burgular. Apparently Gerow grabbed his gun and chased the dude outside, where he and his sons held him at gunpoint until the police arrived. Goblin apparently called 911 to report that men were pointing guns at him, which probably helped the response time, since Gerow's wife had already called 911 as well.

Now, here's the thing. In another state - like, say, the Volksrepublik where we "discourage self-help", Gerow could possibly have found himself in legal trouble for pointing a gun at the dude outside of the home. Since this is Texas, the most he's going to have to deal with is too many people driving by his house honking and waving in support... I suppose it's possible that an overzealous DA might try to charge him with threatening or something, but the odds of it sticking in TX are about as good as the "you've won a $1,000 gift card, just text here" message I got earlier today.

And you gotta love the answer the goblin gave to the responding officer when asked why he was in the house. "I'm unlucky". No, genius, you are VERY lucky that homeowner didn't put two right between your running lights and call for a cleanup crew. Even in extremely anti-gun, anti-self-defense states like Massachusetts or California, someone being inside your house in the middle of the night armed with a weapon is a good shoot all day long.

Face it, Chumley, you got caught being stupid and you're going to jail for it. Numbnuts.

That is all.


PJS said...

Do people ever break into other people's homes with "good intentions"? Santa, maybe.

Tim Covington said...

Given the location (Springtown), if the DA wants to keep his job they probably won't charge the family. Unless, the family wants it to go to the Grand Jury so it can be no-billed. The way the Texas Castle Doctrine law works, if they are no-billed they are protected from civil liability.

TOTWTYTR said...

Another guy wearing a hoodie in trouble. I say that we need common sense hoodie control.

One hoodie a month regulations, all hoodies have to registered with the state, no high capacity hoodies, and definitely no evil black hoodies (EBH) allowed.

Oh and no high capacity pockets on hoodies either.

Armed Texan said...

The case will go to a grand jury, but that is just SOP/CYA. He'll get no-billed for sure.