Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Because OBVIOUSLY the vehicle is responsible for the crime here...

New mom charged in drunken hit-run
The Dorchester mother of a 2-week-old child was drunk when she left a predawn house party, drove into two people — leaving one gravely injured — and then took off, authorities said yesterday.
But a lawyer for Champree Gloria Dinkins said the accused hit-and-run driver is a breast-feeding new mom who hasn’t seen her baby since early Saturday, when she was arrested.
Got that? She has two kids - one a newborn - and she's out getting wasted at a party. She leaves, hits two people with her car - leaving it on top of one of the victims - and apparently walks home to hide (why the bloody hell did she drive if she was in walking distance???). According to the professional victims and blood-dancers, that Ford is responsible for the two injured people, not the woman that made the decision to climb behind the wheel while three sheets to the wind.

You have to love the lawyer, though. She hasn't seen her baby since Saturday! This is like the lawyer for the Menendez brothers asking for leniency because the boys are orphans. Her actions put her in that spot, not the legal system. But I'll bet some brain-dead bleeding hearts will decry a legal system that separates a mother from her child  - you know, inconvenient facts like her committing a felony aside and all.

This is what bothers me most about the whole "we need to ban assault weapons so tragedies like Newtown won't happen" mindset. These people expect us to believe that merely by banning or severely restricting access to a tool - and that's all that a firearm is, a simple tool - these sorts of tragedies will no longer happen. They remove the human element - because it is hard, dirty, diffiicult work tryin to decide the chain of events that would lead a person to shoot up a room full of young kids - and focus on an inanimate object.

And they will be wrong every single time.

We need to have a debate on the state of mental health and the treatment - or lack thereof - in the United States. It seems that every time there's a shooting of this sort, the shooter fits a pretty rigid profile: young, male, above-average intelligence, social issues, etc. Most often there's a history of counseling and/or behavioral cues that either fall through the cracks or are overlooked in the grand picture, either by a well-meaning family, overworked mental health resources, or simple neglect.

We need to focus on WHY they decide to shoot up a school, not HOW. Even if someone could snap their fingers tomorrow and make all guns  - and the knowledge of how to produce them - disappear, you won't see an end to these tragedies. You'll simply see different tools used - and then a new set of insane laws bent on punishing those who already follow the laws based on that new tool.

Because let's face it: that lunatic could just as easily have driven the drunken mommy's SUV into a playground and had just as high a body count.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Ya know....if we ban hands guns under the premise that mass shootings will NEVER happen again....then we should ban this woman from having sex again...that way she won't have kids....and society won't have to feed and clothe them....and the woman will be free to PARTY ON, DUDES!!!!!!!!!