Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Know What This Story Needs? MORE LAWS!

Mopar sends me this one. Apparently the bust went down in his neck of the woods...

111 guns stolen, only 28 recovered
STRATFORD, Conn. (WTNH) -- Stratford police and well as federal agents have arrested two men in connection with the theft 111 guns, some of which were sold on the street.

Elliot Perez was arrested this past Friday. Police say he's a truck driver who picked up a load of guns from the Smith & Wesson Plant in Springfield, Massachusetts.

111 firearms stolen from the Smith & Wesson plant. Does it matter where those guns were going? They might have been bound for a police force somewhere - i.e., even if private firearms ownership was 100% illegal, crooks would still have been able to get their hands on firearms. And I'll just revel in the irony of guns from Massachusetts "flooding" the streets of a different state. After all the crap that's been flung from Mumbles about guns from NH/VT/ME/GA/SC/VA/etc. winding up on the streets of Boston, to have nearly a gross of handguns stolen in MA and ending up in CT? Priceless. How's all those gun laws working for you?

Now, here's another thought I had. I wonder if that truck driver had a MA LTC.Granted, that's the least of his worries, what with 111 counts of illegally transporting firearms across state lines, theft of firearms, etc. It will be interesting to follow this case - that truck driver should be in jail for the rest of his life for this caper. However, I strongly doubt he'll serve even a small fraction of the total possible time.

You see, the politicians talk a good game about "keeping guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them", but when the rubber hits the road, they're really about keeping guns out of the hands of the law-abiding citizen. If you look at the gun control laws proposed, they don't really address crime - bayonet lugs and folding stocks? one gun a month? Loaded chamber indicators? No carrying in bars? None of these measures does a damn thing to address the problem of gangbangers shooting other gangbangers over drug territory, does it?

Then again, it has never been about criminal control, has it?

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Nope, never has been about confronting the REAL issues... Cause criminals DON'T obey laws...

Bubblehead Les. said...

This wasn't a theft. This was just a shipment bought by the BATFE to go to Mexico.

Geodkyt said...

^^ WIN! ^^

DarrenS said...

Slightly Related - I have a question for you, Jay.

I have a buddy who is relocating from the Milwaukee area to the Boston area. This past summer he purchased his first firearm for he and his son to enjoy - a SIG 1911-22. I warned him about Mass gun laws and "the list". His search yielded a list that did not include the 1911-22. He is on the road today and is picking up his Son here in the Cincinnati area. He is going to leave the gun with me in the short term. In the meantime, can you point me to the "approved list" and specifics on how the list is derived?


Darren (NH Expat in Cincinnati)

If you want to take it offline, you can shoot me a message at D Sargent at cinci dot rr dot com.

Jay G said...


The list can be found through Gun Owner's Action League (GOAL) website (www.goal.org).

As long as the handgun does not run afoul of the Assault Weapons Ban, it is 100% legal and fine to *OWN* in MA. The Roster only applies to what a dealer can transfer, not to what a private citizen can own.

That said, he also has 60 days to get his MA LTC, and the class A or B - the ones that "allow" you to purchase and own handguns - are entirely at the discretion of the local licensing authority (usually the chief of police).

Tell him to look VERY carefully where he moves in MA, and feel free to put him in touch with me if he needs guidance.

DarrenS said...

Thanks for the info! He and his wife are leasing a house in Manchester, MA (I told him that was the wrong Manchester, but his wife needs easy access to her employer, John Hancock.)

If you could shoot me a message with your email address, I will get the two of you connected. I'm sure he and his son would very much enjoy attending one of your NE shoots.

Thanks again!

Mopar said...

Jay can correct me is I'm wrong, but I seem to have heard that it's a good idea to buy any guns that you think you might want that are on the roster (but not banned by the AWB) BEFORE you move to MA. If you ever need money, you can always sell one privately in MA for more then you paid for it when you lived in a free state.