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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yep, Sounds Like Massachusetts!

No casino, but $1.6m for taxpayer gamble
The state’s plodding effort to launch casino gambling hasn’t stopped a state commission from burning through $1.6 million in taxpayer money on consultants, travel and credit card expenses, records show.
According to budget records, the state Gaming Commission, which is years away from even approving the first casino license, has already paid:
Go. Read. See what my state has been spending my tax dollars on. Bear in mind, we're well over a year away from approving any form of casino gambling, and multiple years away from seeing actual casinos in Massachusetts. Yet, in less than a year they've spend the better part of two million dollars on consultants and random unspecified purchases - oh yeah, that's money well spent...

And we won't even start about the six figure salaries going to each person on the five member board.

The operating budget for this commission? Seven million dollars FOR THE YEAR. They're spending seven million of my tax dollars to investigate casino gambling that won't be approved until 2014 at the earliest and won't see a single casino for some time after that. But hey! State employees just got a raise! Let's jack the state sales tax up to 25% to cover the shortfall!

Every time you hear some liberal jackhole talk about the wealthiest one percent, feel free to send them a link to this story. You've got half a dozen state hacks drawing six figure salaries for doing little more than hiring consultants and taking state-sponsored trips tp Vegas. Nice gig if you can get it. It does beg the question, though - if we're paying this kind of scratch to consultants to do all the heavy lifting, why the bloody hell do we need a "commission" anyways?

Apparently the "wealthiest one percent" doesn't count if you're suckling at the public teat...

That is all.


Armed Texan said...

And us backwards yokels in NH (the redneck state of New England) are about to undercut y'all by getting gambling and a casino approved in January to begin construction, right on the border with Mass, immediately.

JD Rush said...

Heh, us yokel Iowans have them on every street corner. Okay, it just seems like it. My favorite is our local county owned. Not because I go there (I piss away money on shooting, thank you very much) but because it is an awesome, regressive tax on Obama voters.

Stretch said...

Back in the '70s a New Jersey state legislator argued that allowing casinos would provide a foothold for organized crime. SRSLY. Right on the floor of the Trenton State House.

Andie said...

And up here in Maine, we now have two casinos with mixed [read: meh] reviews. I hear they are popular places to take family and visitors, but not really sure if they have helped the economy that much... then again, not having been to either of them, who knows?

@Stretch: BOL - go figure!

dustydog said...

I rather suspect that they needed state funds to gamble with, to have the experience. I further suspect that they kept the winnings (drop $100,000 on blackjack, make $50,000 back, keep the $50,000 as money well earned and in no way belonging to the state).