Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's Mandarin For "Gotcha"?

Some levity for the afternoon...

China's party paper falls for Onion joke about Kim
BEIJING — The online version of China's Communist Party newspaper has hailed a report by The Onion naming North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un as the "Sexiest Man Alive" — not realizing it is satire.
The People's Daily on Tuesday ran a 55-page photo spread on its website in a tribute to the round-faced leader, under the headline "North Korea's top leader named The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive for 2012."

I'm sorry, that's pretty funny right there. They ran a 55 page photo spread on the new leader of North Korea based on an article from a known humor website. You can't write fiction like this, folks - no one would ever believe it. What makes this especially poignant is that the Chinese have already fallen for Onion stories before - the article references a 2002 spoof on Washington that got publicity in China.

Now, I know this is good ol' Red China, which - like the Soviet Union of the 1970s and 80s - should be taken with a generous grain of salt, but still. This is an "official" newspaper, with "official" editors and such. These are the kinds of "official" journalists that are supposed to be better than us bloggers in our pajamas. I know I've gotten taken by a quasi-humorous posting, but I'm just some dude spouting on the internet, not a state-sponsored propaganda arm.

And I'm still doing better than the Chinese national press!

That is all.


Mule Breath said...

And the Korea Times English language website is playing along with the onion.

Old NFO said...

Snerk... Yep, GOTCHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

This explains part of why the ChiComs want to have greater control over the Internet - so they don't get laughed at quite so much!