Monday, November 26, 2012

Tis The Season...

So, it's after Thanksgiving, which means that it is officially ChristmasTime™. The day after Thanksgiving is somewhat of a tradition in the G. family - the Mrs. goes out and hits the Black Friday sales, and I get out all of the Christmas decorations for the house and we get ready for the season. The Mrs. loves a good deal, and doesn't mind fighting the crowds to get it; I would much rather lift heavy objects and risk permanent, crippling injuries rather than face the mass of oppressive humanity present at one of these sales. So it works out..

The kids, naturally, are more or less out of their minds. BabyGirl G. still believes - although I'm starting to wonder if her belief stems from the thought that should she stop believing in Santa, she'll not get as many toys. She's just that sharp, that one. TheBoy already knows, and I have to tip my hat to him for not ruining for his sister (yet) - he made it through last Christmas with many an exaggerated wink, but didn't let anything slip. He enjoys being "in" on the Santa deal, I think, and it makes him feel grown up.

Christmas is never as magical as when viewed through the eyes of a child. There's that feeling of wonder and mystery, of incipient presents to be ripped open, of fulfilled desire, of new and exciting and shiny... Wrap that up in a good month of anticipation, cover it with the prospect of nearly two weeks off with nothing to do but play new video games and watch TV? Hoo-boy, sign me up! Seeing Christmas through the eyes of your own children is reliving the magic of your own childhood, coupled with the knowledge that you're making it happen for them.

Just, if you think of it, drop a little something into your local Toys for Tots drop box for those that might not have a Merry Christmas...

That is all.

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Old NFO said...

Concur, and don't throw the boxes away... THEY are play toys too! :-)