Friday, November 2, 2012

This Is Justice?

US seeks 6-day sentence for ex-DC Council chair
WASHINGTON (AP) — A former D.C. Council chairman should spend six days in jail for lying on bank loan applications and for committing a misdemeanor campaign finance violation, federal prosecutors said Thursday.

But a lawyer for Kwame R. Brown requested community service instead, saying his client — a onetime rising political star — had already been punished with humiliation and ridicule in his very public descent from power.
Are. You. Kidding. Me???

He shouldn't go to jail because he's been humiliated? Damn straight he should be humiliated. He was forging signatures on loans - for luxury items - and making false statements on loan applications. These are not inconsequential crimes, but because he's one of the movers and shakers, he gets a pass. Nice work if you can get it.

Now, yeah. This is not a violent crime, to be certain. He shouldn't have to do hard time in a SuperMax over a few forged loans. But six months sentence - maybe cut in half for good behavior - would send a decent message without being an undue burden. It's awfully hard to say "don't do the crime if you can't do the time" when you're talking about less than a week.

Obviously crime does pay if you're a politician...

That is all.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

So what Political Jobs are available in Massachusetts for this man when he gets out? He sounds extremely qualified to me.

Ken O said...

Gibbet his sorry ass.