Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There Are No "Safe" Areas...

Mrs. Doubletrouble sends in a pair of stories that couldn't be a better study in the post title.

First off, a story of assault from somewhere you'd expect it:

Woman speaks out after violent 'T' stop attack
CHARLESTOWN, Mass. (WHDH) -- A woman was injured in a violent attack just steps from an MBTA station in Charlestown.

The victim said a man punched her in the face and sprayed her with mace.

“I saw him look at me and I just knew it wasn’t going to be good,” said Michaela, the victim.

Maced and beaten for her purse, and realistically she got away pretty lucky. She wasn't raped. She wasn't killed. He got her purse and left; he could have grabbed her or simply beaten her unconscious - or dead. Another purse snatching/violent assault at an urban public transit station - probably happens hundreds if not thousands of times a day all across America.

She even saw the attack coming - so this wasn't some clueless college kid who was in Condition Opaque with her nose in her iThingie. She fought back, thinking he was going to rape her, which lead to a more savage attack - although it's also possible that it helped stave off something worse. She tried to follow her attacker, but he took off in a vehicle, and police have few leads to go on. He's probably done this before and will do it again and again until he gets caught.

Because here in MA, we discourage self-help - and don't own firearms anyways.

However, it's not just urban areas where these types of attacks can happen, as this second story illustrates:

Doctor, wife attacked during NH home invasion
BEDFORD, N.H. (WHDH) -- Police say a would-be burglar broke into a family’s home in Bedford, New Hampshire and attacked the husband and wife.

New Hampshire police continue to investigate the violent home invasion that occurred in an upscale Bedford neighborhood Saturday night.

Bedford is a tony suburb outside of Manchester, NH. Now, there's a lot of unanswered questions with this story - the police refuse to comment, the FBI has been involved, and folks are tight-lipped about what's going on. Any speculation would be pointless, but the basic facts are that two people were brutally attacked in their own home, so bad they both require hospitalization. Even in an upscale, expensive, upper-class neighborhood, there was still a violent attack. All the "good neighborhood" in the world didn't stop this.

At least where this is in NH, the neighbors are talking about arming themselves. Now, that's closing the barn door after the horse escaped for the doctor, but if this attack gets some of the neighbors to start thinking of taking responsibility for their own security, all is not in vain. Now, it's quite possible that one or two might go out, buy a shotgun and a box of ammo, and never think about it again, but at least they're thinking in the right direction.

As opposed to: ZOMG! Let's pass a law outlawing bad people!

That is all.


Andie said...

I lucked out, many moons ago, when I had someone take my wallet in Downtown Crossing. My biggest injury was a sprained wrist, but boy, did it make me far more aware going forward while traveling anywhere!

Hope that woman heals quickly, and that the folks in NH do, too, although I imagine the mental piece may take a while.

Safe seems to only really apply to baseball these days (and even then you have to wonder); it's the state of mind that seems to make the difference IMO.

Ed said...

Unfortunately, the nurse attacked in Charlestown was probably attacked as she was going home from work. Many hospitals forbid employees from carrying weapons to work, even if they have a License to Carry Firearms. Getting caught means that you get fired. A friend that was a nurse at MGH, carried a revolver to and from work. Her attitude was that she would rather be fired than be a victim.

Refuse to be a victim. It is a good choice - one that you can live with.