Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Something Fun...

Got an e-mail from the NRA's Media Liaison today, not about the election, but about something fun for gunnies they have on their Facebook page:

Firearm Faceoff

In their words:
Our facebook fans will be able to vote for their favorite firearm in a bracket-style tournament (think March Madness) where eight handguns are being paired off to go head-to-head to receive the most votes.  When voting, a person will have the opportunity to watch a short video about each firearm and can also leave a comment to lobby for their choice.  Each “game” will run for two days and a winning firearm will be announced at the end of the fourteen day Face Off.

Here's the match-ups:

Now, I haven't the faintest idea how/why the different handguns were chosen, but it is what it is.  Just accept it as a silly, fun little exercise and don't read too much into it. And vote with your heart - I want to see the Dirty Harry S&W Model 29 take it all!

And, in a related note, I have a date to take a Smith & Wesson and a Ruger to the range...

That is all.


dagamore said...

round one winners should be
Commander and GP100
M29 and Python
round two should be
Commander and M29
final round goes to

Nothing Beats a good 45, and thats a damn good one.

AK™ said...

I voted 1911,even if it Colt.