Monday, November 5, 2012

Shotguns with Lasers!

So, remember last week when I posted about the new LaserLyte Kryptonyte Center Mass laser?

I love how they included a Zombie Pistol Bayonet in the package too. It's attention to detail that really makes a company stand out...

I fully intended to install this on my Mossberg 590, I really did. I got the Mossie out of the safe, unpacked the laser, and then I realized that the Mossie has a Weaver rail, not a Picatinny rail (I didn't know the difference, either, so I googled it and found this great explanation at Brownells - speaking of another place staffed by totally awesome folks).

Fortunately, I have a back-up plan. The Bushmaster has a picatinny rail, so it got to be the stunt-Mossberg (I'll have to order up a Picatinny rail for the Mossie and get it to the range). Here's what the laser looks like:

That distance, believe it or not, is darn close to 50 feet. I'm in the office over the garage (24' long) and looking into the hallway that's about 25 feet long. The ring at that distance is about a foot in diameter - a little large for 00 buckshot spread from what I remember from patterning, but still within minute-of-goblin.

Now, to get a correct rail and get it on the Mossberg!

That is all.


Phssthpok said...

My immediate reaction to the pattern:

"That's the HUD Targeting Pip from my (F-86 Super Saber) flight simulator game!"

Gives new meaning to 'swing-through', no?

ZerCool said...

I'd have to dig to be sure (or I may just take a couple rounds of buckshot to the range with me today), but I've always used "one inch spread per yard traveled" as a rough rule for cylinder-bore choke. So 12" at 50' would be a hair small, if anything - but well within the realm of "good enough".

Jay G said...

I patterned my Winchester (which may have had a more restrictive choke now that I think about it) at the Sooper Seekrit range many years ago, and I recall something like a 4" spread at 25' and 8-10 at 50. Yeah, should be about right (I didn't measure the laser size, it could be larger than a foot).

In any case, with the laser sighted in properly, I think this would really work well.

Now, to order a picatinny rail!

Geodkyt said...

My 20" Mossy 500 cylinder bore throws nearly exactly 10" at 10 yards (32 feet, measured).

NRA studies confirm about 1" per yard with cylinder bore.

Erin Palette said...

So it's basically a laser projection of a target reticle? I'm not sure how well that works in practice, but the theory is interesting...