Thursday, November 1, 2012

Same Squirrel Time, Same Squirrel Channel

If it's Thursday night, it must be time for the Squirrel Report!

Join us tonight for talk about the imminent fiasco election as well as Hurricane Sandy chat. Given that these two events have more or less dominated, well, everything, we kind of figured that trying to talk about anything else wasn'nt going to happen. Playing the part of Breda tonight will be #1 blogdaughter, and our call-in question tonight will be favorite politician gaffe - from Weiner tweets to Wide stances...

And to combine things, here's a squirrel in a hurricane:

Join us tonight at 9:00 PM Eastern for Squirrel Report!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Heehee, want to confuse the squirrels in your yard? Go get a 5 gallon bucket of acorns from a friend and scatter them in your yard. Over the next week, you will have every squirrel in the neighborhood in your yard, picking up an acorn and looking around looking like "where the hell did this come from?!?" since we have no acorn bearing trees :)


Firehand said...

One was trying to raid the bird feeder in my back yard the other day, and got careless: Security Staff(Jr.) whacked him.

Ate him, too; there's note even any fur left.
(outside the droppings, that is)