Monday, November 19, 2012

Only In Massachusetts...

You know, I'd laugh, except that I'm too busy shaking my head about this story sent in by PISSED:

Highway safety chief has history of accidents, speeding violations
BOSTON — The Massachusetts Highway Safety Division director has lost her job after a newspaper reported that her driving record included seven accidents, four speeding violations and one failure to wear a seat belt.

The Boston Globe reported that Sheila Burgess has 34 entries on her driving record since 1982.

Burgess has been on leave since she suffered a head injury in a one-car crash in Milton in August. She told police she swerved off the road to avoid an oncoming vehicle and wasn't cited.

Got that? She's got a crappy driving record and has been on paid leave for three months over an accident that was her fault - as I was told, after my own single car accident, no matter what the circumstances, a single car accident is universally considered to be the driver's fault unless extenuating circumstances are shown. 34 entries since 1982 sounds bad but could be a string of minor moving violations, so without further info that's a wash.

However, another article points out a couple other pertinent facts, like that she had a failure to appear in a NH court over a driving offense in 2000 and that her license until recently was suspended for failure to pay her excise tax. This is not someone that had a bad run as a teenager but has been clean the past 20 years - she's been a lawbreaker and a crappy driver her entire life. Now, look, I've had my share of mishaps - a couple speeding tickets and a few at-fault accidents - but then, I'm not the $87K/year head of the highway safety division, either.

Only in Massachusetts would we put someone with a worse driving record than Ted Kennedy in charge of highway safety...

That is all.


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In Washington State we had a DOT chief didn't have a drivers license....