Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Old Ponies

No, we're not talking about first generation MLP, what we've got today is a beautiful specimen of a fine old revolver. My #1 blogdaughter came across this lovely vintage wheelgun over the Thanksgiving holiday:
Isn't that purty? Here, it's even better closer up:
For everyone that's not a Colt aficionado (OldNFO, I am looking at yooooouuu), this is a Colt Police Positive revolver in .38 Smith & Wesson - not .38 Special. It even came with a antique box of ammo:
The revolver dates to the mid 1920s and still looks this great. It's in fabulous shape:
 ...but that's not the real surprise. No, the surprise was that it was complete:

Box, all papers, cleaning rod - everything that it shipped with from the factory was included. There's the faintest hint of a turn ring on the cylinder - this gun was shot, but not a lot. There's no evidence of holster wear that I can see, so this was not one of the hundreds of thousands of revolvers sent to police agencies across the country - heck, around the world - in the post WWI through 1980s.

This gun was purchased, kept meticulously clean, shot to test function and accuracy, and lovingly cleaned and kept in the box when not in use. There aren't too many like this one left, and I wanted to share this gem with y'all while it was available. Put it to you this way: this one is so nice, I'd be tempted to put my C&R to use should it become available..

Thanks for sharing her with us, Nancy!

That is all.


Joe said...

That is just beautiful. Count me as officially jealous.

Ken O said...

Beautiful gun! Those old Colts will shoot too. Granddad has a Police Positive in 38 spl. with a last patent date on it of 1905, so a pre 1926 gun. It has a 5" tapered barrel and a silky smooth action. It is also easy to shoot well; I can put six rounds into a B10 at 75 yards with it.

Jason in MN said...

My Dad has his Dad's WWII S&W M&P Victory service revolver in the old .38 S&W caliber still, too. We have found out that it is a great caliber with which to teach new shooters. It has a bit more kick than a .22, but not nearly as much as some of your stronger calibers. It's a lot of fun to shoot, and I love that it connects me with my Grandpa, who died before I was born, and also to someone who served in WWII. Old guns like this, when they are still in proper working order, are such a thrill to shoot. Very nice item to have in your collection, Nancy!