Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Just The Financial, but the Emotional...

Erin reminds me that she is putting together a care package for Tam.

Erin explains it succintly:
The goal of this package is to raise her morale and make her smile.
I can't imagine that hearing the words "you've got cancer" are any fun. Cancer is a stone-cold beeyotch - and the reason I spend one month out of the year in a kilt. While we're focused on the healing (and, with the fundraiser, the high cost of that healing), there's an emotional toll on the patient. Now, when your patient is the High Priestess of Snark, you might be tempted to lose sight of the fact that this is some scary shit, yo. Something to cheer Tam up is just what the Doctor ordered.

Thank you for coordinating this, Erin.

If you want in, contact Erin please!

That is

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Ken O said...

Amen Jay. A kilt would be unwise in my profession: aside from exposing my legs to injury, that skirt might send the wrong message to horny ship's crew who have not seen a woman in a long time. There are other ways to get involved year round. One of the best is by donating blood and platelets. Between surgeries and blood transfusions after chemotherapy, blood products are desperately needed. I really do put my heart into it and give of my body to help those in need, every time they will accept me. I earmark my donations for the regional children's cancer hospital located here in town. I am sure that there are similar opportunities to help everywhere you have readership. There is much that our community of damn fine folks can do to continually kick cancer in the ass. Maybe even an annual KTKC style blood drive.