Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Morning Addition

I don't know about the rest of y'all, but I love starting my week out with an addition. This one comes to us from Scott in MI, who, by nature of being close to Detroit, sends in quite a few... This one, however, is not from his neck of the woods...

New Mexico woman shot intruder who followed her home, deputies say
ALCALDE, N.M. – A 35-year-old woman says she shot and killed a man after he allegedly barged into her Alcalde home and tried to undress her at knife point.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that search warrant affidavits say the shooting Saturday occurred when 33-year-old Taos resident Lawrence Sandoval forced his way into the woman's home. She told deputies that she believed he followed her home from a gas station.
Never forget - the Brady Bunch would have preferred this woman be at the mercy of a knife-wielding criminal rather than this outcome. They would rather a woman go hand-to-hand with an armed criminal with nothing more than harsh language than to have a firearm. Instead, since she lives in America, she used her superior tool to thwart his intentions - and remove him from the gene pool.

I prefer living in this version of America than that of the Brady Bunch. I prefer that honest, law-abiding folks have unfettered access to the best tools possible for self-defense, rather than being limited to survival of the fittest. The old, or frail, or weak, or otherwise physically challenged should not have to cower in the shadows hoping that they are not targeted by goblins.

I prefer the adage that "G-d made man, and Samuel Colt made them equal".

Dead Goblin Count: 343

That is all.

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Ken O said...

"Glamdring" (pronounced Colt) The Would Be Rapist Hammer, indicated the presence of goblin, by it's dee, blue hue, and dealt with the creature accordingly.