Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Edition...

Sevesteen sends in the latest addition out of the Gunshine State:

1 killed, 1 charged in botched robbery
One suspected robber is dead and his 19-year-old accused accomplice is facing charges after a man they tried to rob Friday outside a bank in Seminole County pulled out a gun and opened fire in self-defense, authorities said.

Justin Slivinski, 24, of Oviedo was shot to death late Friday night when, deputies say, he and accomplice Austin Lee Harvey of Altamonte Springs tried to rob a man at a Fern Park drive-through ATM.
They walked up to a truck at an ATM and pulled knives on him. He was armed with a handgun and opened fire - given that he was outnumbered by armed assailants, that's a perfectly reasonable course of action. Given that both of the criminals had lengthy records - even while still "children" (according to ObamaCare and the Brady bunch) - it's not unreasonable at all to think that they might have gotten tired of simple robbery and decided to escalate the level of violence.

Now, good on the (unnamed) shooter. He was on a higher level of alert at the ATM - which is always a good precaution - and prevailed because he was prepared for the worst to happen. Too many are in a complete fog at most times - even when leaving an ATM, when you can be assumed to have free cash for the taking by the law-breakers among us.

Stay safe, be alert, and carry your guns, people.

Dead Goblin Count: 346

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Concur, one more bites the dust!

Ferret said...

I'd wager that the guy in the truck was on high alert because Fern Park is the kind of area whose shady charm is only enhanced as the sun gracefully sets over the row of strip clubs and pawn shops to the west.