Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moment of Zen...

So, this past weekend I took a ride to Brad_in_MA's gun club. He recently joined a club in central MA, and invited me to come check it out. I brought along the MG Arms K-Yote, as I'll be sending it back soon and wanted to get some more trigger time (plus Brad was curious about it, as he's been shooting ARs more and more lately).

The range has 50, 75, 100, and 200 yard stations - basically concrete-bordered backstops - and a large hillside for a rear berm. There are slots for paper targets on cardboard backers as well as hooks to hang steel plates from at the 100 and 200 yard stations. We started out with .22s and Mosin Nagants at the 50 and 75 yard stations, then stretched out the K-Yote at 100 and 200 yards on steel plates.

A precision-built AR with a 20X Leupold scope is positively boring on an 18" steel plate at 200 yards, you know that? [BANG]...[TING]  [BANG]...[TING]  [BANG]...[TING] 20 rounds, 20 hits. And that's with cheap PMC and AE FMJ ammo, too! Both Brad and I were easily able to hit the 18" plate at 200 yards and the 10" plate at 100 yards with the K-Yote - like, so easy it wasn't even a challenge.

The one paper target I got was this:

Brad has these reactive zombie rat targets that he brought along, and I was aiming for the eye of the rat. Since the K-Yote is zeroed at 200 yards, it hit a little high (I was aiming for the center of the eye) - the lower round is a 7.62X54mmR from the 91/30 (as is the one at ~ 1:30). There are three .223 holes there, with a spread of about a third of an inch. At 75 yards. That's about ½MOA, by my calculations.

With generic, bulk plinking ammo. Shot by a duffer. That's damn impressive under those conditions. I took a similar target at 200 yards at Wally's range:

The stickers are ~ 1" long (possibly smaller) - the most extreme spread is 3"; there's a group of 5 (4 in the 9, 1 in the 10) that aren't more than 1.75" apart. Again, given that it was me doing the shooting, prone, at 200 yards, that's still ~ 1 MOA. This is one crazy accurate gun. I'll have a write up of my time hunting with it and some "official" targets in a bit, but wanted to tell you that so I could tell you this...

Because I was curious, I borrowed Brad's $75 Marlin model 60 with 4X fixed power scope. After a magazine's worth of determining just what the drop was (close to 2 feet), I was ringing the 200 yard gong with it with 3 out of 4 shots (and that fourth shot was most likely wind). This is with Federal bulk 36 grain CP ammo. The most disconcerting thing was that I had to put the crosshairs on top of the backstop - I had to overcome my basic instincts and *appear* to be aiming deliberately over the backstop - but once I had the drop down, I was hitting that gong regularly.

There is no feeling in the world quite like making a long shot like that with standard equipment...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Long shots are fun. This summer, while practicing with the deer rifles, we discovered you can hit an 18" plate with a 10/22 and a 4x scope.....at 435 yards. The amount of drop and windage is unbelievable, but it's repeatable once you get the dope.

BTW, Fed bulk pack ammo shoots about a 6 foot "pattern" at that distance. Rem Target less than half that.

John Bernard Books

Old NFO said...

LOL, I need to get you down on one of my guns... at 1000 yards :-)