Wednesday, November 14, 2012

MArooned Product Review: Rimfire Designs 1911 Grips

A while back, Mark from Rimfire Designs contacted me about trying out a pair of 1911 grips for review. He was also kind enough to donate a set for my Kilted to Kick Cancer campaign, as well as our most recent fundraiser. In all the excitement, between the KTKC campaign and other recent events, I had pushed the grips onto the back burner, and finally got around to a full review.

First off, I couldn't resist this shot:

Heh. I went to grab one of the many pistol rugs and that was the first one I got ahold of. I took one look at it, said "oh hell yes, I gotta do this" and used it for the picture...

Here's a closer look:

Those are some pretty flippin' sweet looking grips, aren't they?

What I like about them is that they are a perfect amalgamation of form and function. They are both pleasing to the eye as well as solid in the hand. The wood is rough without feeling gritty; a sturdy purchase without tearing up one's tender mitts. The grain of the wood was sufficient to hold it steady while at the range, and didn't shift around at all while in use.

Good sturdy grips that fit well, look great, and function just as they were intended. If you're looking for an upgrade for your 1911, this is one set of stocks that doesn't make you choose between good looks or useability. It's even set up for our sinister friends:

Nice deep relief cut for an ambi-safety. Since my one lone 1911 with an ambi-safety now resides with SCI-FI, I couldn't check it out (although I could get together with SCI-FI...), but everything else about Rimfire Design grips has worked just fine, so I see no reason this wouldn't be a good fit, too.

A set of Rimfire Design stocks, a high-end 1911, and a custom leather holster and you'll be the talk of the BBQ, that's for certain!

That is all.


Julie said...

Very nice grips ...

Jennifer said...

They are lovely, and Mark is a good guy.