Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Play MA Politician Jeopardy!

Answer: His Lips Are Moving.

Question: How Do You Know When Cadillac Deval Is Lying?

Gov. Deval Patrick no stranger to Beacon Hill patronage
Good to know Gov. Deval Patrick will “get to the bottom” of the outrageous patronage hiring of his highway safety chief. The problem is, Patrick himself is waist deep in it.
Sheila Burgess, a Democratic political operative with no public safety experience except a string of car crashes, gets hired right after the governor comes into office in 2007, and somehow he’s blaming someone else for the “screwup.”
Read the whole column. There's a long list of ties from the hackorama to Deval Patrick and the MA Democratic committee. I think what's truly outrageous is that this woman has been feeding at the public trough since 2007 and is only making $87K a year. That's like barely minimum wage for a MA state hack - she must be having her insurance premiums deducted from her pre-tax pay or something...

What bothers me the most is that they do it because they can get away with it. I touched on this during last week's Squirrel Report - we knew all about Mitt Romney cutting another student's hair when he was a high school student, yet no one has been able to prove that Barack Obama was ever *at* Occidental College. The media is so incredibly one-sided that we are better off assuming that - like in Soviet Russia - anything they print you can believe the opposite.

I find it hard to believe that only the Herald thinks this is newsworthy, and an opinion column at that. We have a grossly unqualified political hack making nearly six figures at a do-nothing job, it appears she got the position based on nothing other than raw patronage, the governor gives a press conference claiming to be outraged - and when it's revealed that yeah, his office pretty much knew from day one? Cue the crickets.

But then again, there are actually people out there claiming that Watergate was worse than Benghazi, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised...

That is all.

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Rev. Paul said...

Sheila Burgess ... gets hired right after the governor comes into office in 2007, and somehow he’s blaming someone else for the “screwup.”

I knew it: it's George W. Bush's fault!