Monday, November 19, 2012

Leopards, Spots, Changing...

Color me shocked. Not.

Partying like the moonbats
For the moonbats of Arlington, these are the best of times, these are the worst of times, to coin a phrase.

On the positive side for the pony-tailed, trust-funded, Birkenstock-clad geriatric hippies of Menotomy, there was Dear Leader’s 50 percent landslide last week.

On the downside, two of Arlington’s leading loony limousine liberals — moonbats’ moonbats, you might say — have found themselves ensnared in the criminal justice system.

You remember MA State Senator Jim Marzilli, right? He's the guy who left office in disgrace after he was caught exposing himself, then went on to argue for a full restoration of his pension on the basis that he was not re-elected. This may make it a little more problematic. The other story is a former town official caught - for the second time - providing beer to minors. The first time, as we reported last month, she was not charged. This time, not so lucky.

In both cases we have politicians who have repeatedly flouted the law, and in one case avoided all punishment; in the other case serious punishment was avoided in the original crime. You or I exposing ourselves to people while in the capacity of our jobs would see us arrested, put on the sex offender list, and fired for sexual harassment. We damn well wouldn't have been given probation and gotten our pension. Ditto the average joe throwing a kegger for 16 year olds - I strongly doubt the police would simply decline to prosecute alleged adults who gave beer to kids too young to drive.

But, as they say, they are our intellectual superiors; Marzilli was a State Senator; LaCourt is a Yale grad who was a town selectwoman. These are the best and brightest chosen by the hoi polloi to best bring home the largess; they are not bound by our mere laws. Age limits for alcoholic beverages or state of clothing don't apply to those that would rule us, so it seems. And it comes from the top: our nation's President has his First Lady attacking fatty foods while he continues to smoke cigarettes - clearly, he is better than us and will be unaffected by cancer.

"Do as I say not as I do" is never more applicable than when dealing with a politician...

That is all.

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Old NFO said...

But... but... THEY are the elite, 'rules' don't apply to them... Snerk...