Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Good Luck With That...

Sen. Scott Brown wants truth on attack
U.S. Sen. Scott Brown yesterday vowed to devote his few remaining weeks in Washington to probing the deadly Benghazi consulate mob attacks, in a sign that Congress may make a renewed push — in the wake of CIA Director David Petraeus’ abrupt resignation amid a torrid extramarital sex scandal — to investigate the catastrophe.

“The American people deserve to know what happened,” said Brown, who serves on several Armed Services and Homeland Security committees. “For the remaining amount of my term, I’m going to do anything and everything I can to bring that issue to light.”
The Benghazi attack has been written off in the media as ZOMG AFFAIR. Done. Feinstein is pressuring the FBI over not informing the committee about Petraeus' affair - not over the multiple failures that led to the deaths of Americans in Libya. Petraeus is the fall guy for this, no doubt; he's been dragged through the mud as a paper-thin cover for the gross negligence of this administration in dealing with a terrorist attack on a known American target.

Sadly, I fear it will work. Our "Jersey Shore" culture doesn't understand things like international relations - but they sure as hell understand boinking someone who's not your wife. It's easy to splash "General has affair with biographer" all over the headlines; relate Petraeus to Libya, and let the unstated conclusion be drawn that it simply MUST be Petraeus' fault because he was distracted.

And an outgoing GOP Senator who's being replaced by a neophyte Fauxcahontas? Yeah, good luck getting any answers of this administration, Scott. You'd have better luck finding Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Airhart, and the Lindbergh baby than getting a straight answer of this bunch. No, they're quite content to let the fifth column cover their flank yet again - remember, "they won".

Don't worry - you can run for Lurch's Senate seat when he becomes the Secretary of Defense...

That is all.

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ASM826 said...

General Ham just suddenly retired. The Carrier Strike Croup Commander was removed for "inappropriate judgement". Rumor has it that Gen. Ham was arrested by 2nd in command after ordering assets to Benghazi after being ordered to stand down by the White House. Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was relieved for supporting Gen Ham.

Google it and decide for yourself why two of the top commanders in the region were relieved.

Add the e-mail & sex scandal and you've eliminated the very people you wanted to hear from on what really happened.