Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For The Young (Or Young At Heart)

This ought to be good. Stumbled across this today:

13 Pixar Classics: We Rank 'em!
Owen Gleiberman and Lisa Schwarzbaum have admired all the studio's animated features leading up to this year's ''Brave'' (now on DVD), but they do have a pecking order; see where Scottish princess lands on their list.
They list all 13 Pixar feature films, and arrange them in order. I agree with their #1 and #2 pick "The Incredibles" would be #1, except that it took the runaway smash hit of the original "Toy Story" to get the franchise rolling. Respect, yo. The remainder of the list, though, I disagree with mightily. "Wall-E" is #4? "Ratatouille" is #9, ahead of "Monsters Inc." and "A Bug's Life"? Heck, "A Bug's Life" is #12 out of 13?

I am an unabashed fan of Pixar, owning all of the films except the current release of "Brave" (and only because it just came out. "The Incredibles" is one of my all-time favorite movies - animated or not - and both of my kids had Pixar movies as their "IT" movies - TheBoy had "Monsters Inc." and BabyGirl G. had "Finding Nemo" (for non-parents, the "IT" movie is the one your 2-4 year old decides that they need to watch 2-5 times a day for weeks on end. Yes, you *will* learn the dialogue by heart...).

Which is your Pixar fave?

That is all.


Exurbankevin said...

Incredibles, for certain, then Toy Story 3 (one of the best movies made, ever, animated or not).

bluesun said...

Incredibles, Cars, and Finding Nemo are tied for my favorites.

Chasing Freedom said...

I have a soft spot for Ratatouille and Monsters Inc. Though, apparently, I need to watch the Incredibles!

instinct said...

Toy Story (it's what got me thinking of art school which led me to my wife), Incredibles, Up and Ratatouille top the list for me in that order.

Wal-E should be burned.

misbeHaven said...

Monsters Inc and Toy Story, in that order.

Dave H said...

The Incredibles, no question. Chasing Freedom, do see it. It's for a little bit older kids. (PG rated. Superheroes punching & smashing bad guys, kids nearly getting blown up, stuff nobody batted an eyelash over in the 60s.)

I haven't seen Brave yet but I want to. The scenery reminds me of Skyrim, which is one of my favorite games.

Ancient Woodsman said...

A Top 3 for our time frame, it would have to be (in order) Cars, Finding Nemo, and Wall-E.

I'm guessing that those doing the rating have no children, or at least any in the appropriate age group for the time each movie was released (or available on DVD for us cheap bastards). Children in the home when each movie was released would definitely be the best critics: want to se it over & over & over & OVER (the above mentioned hits from this home resident expert's opinion) or 'nah, seen it' was the case the the sewer rats and the lawn chair geezer.

Ratatouille? Seriously? Outranking 'Monsters, Inc.'? Somebody has no soul.

Ed said...

Years ago, when my young son was obsessively watching "Toy Story", he would leap off the back of the couch screaming "Head Be Gone!" instead of "To infinity, and beyond!"

Jump like that again, kid, and it just might.

Then again, many adults think that the Creedence Clearwater Revival song lyrics is "There is a bathroom on the right" instead of "There is a bad moon on the rise".

Silver the Evil Chao said...

Ratatouille over Monsters, Inc? Seriously? Cars over Bug's Life? What the hell was this author smoking?