Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food For Thought...

Put on your wayback caps. Imagine it's November 2004. Now imagine that multiple precincts in Texas were reporting 99% turnout for George W. Bush. Can you imagine the news reports being even vaguely positive? Can you imagine this story being buried? I didn't think so.

What about Florida? Could you imagine the uproar if voter turnout in Florida - which happened to go for George Bush as one of the swing states - was found to be 108%? Do you think the media would be more than a little curious about how this pivotal state just happened to go for Bush even with what appears to be shenanigans?

Not only that, but then imagine that massive layoffs were reported the day after Bush got elected. Could you imagine the rumors, inuendo, and outright charges of collusion? This big business Republican gets re-elected and Wall Street immediately starts laying people off? Hoo, boy; there would be calls for investigation still echoing in Congress.

Now... Compound to that. Imagine if, the very next day after securing re-election, George Bush had investigated signing an international treaty banning abortion. Does any rational, thinking person honestly believe that the hue-and-cry wouldn't have been deafening? Does anyone think that it would have gotten a pass, or been written off as conspiracy talk?

How about this one? Imagine if Katrina had hit near the 2004 election. Imagine that Bush showed up, made a bunch of promises, and saw a bounce in the polls as a result of it. Now imagine that - as the relief effort is still underway and folks were still without power, Bush took a vacation in Crawford. Bush had been criticized for multiple vacations as it was; imagine that he took time off in the middle of a crisis for his leisure after benefitting from it.

But no, there's no bias in the media whatsoever...

That is all.

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AndrewSarchus said...

according to the header, that is 108% or the voting age population. I'm sure its a bit higher if you leave out those who're 18+ but ineligible to vote (mostly felons).