Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finally! Another Addition!

CoolChange sends in the latest addition:

Bryan Man Dies After Late Night Shooting in College Station
8:48 AM UPDATE: A Bryan man has died after a late night shooting in College Station.

CSPD says that 28 year old Christopher Troy Reeves of Bryan and 28 year old Robert Michael Farr were attempting to rob a home in College Station late Monday night when Reeves was shot. Police say that Reeves had entered the College Station home alone while Farr waited in the car. It was then that Reeves was shot and he turned to leave the house.
There's not at lot of details at the full story, but it looks like the dude what got shot was breaking in, while the other dude was waiting in the car. Sounds like he got more than he bargained for, though - but then again, what the hell do you expect when you break into a home in Texas? It's kind of surprising that we still see these sorts of things from Texas especially, but then again, if they were smart, they wouldn't be goblins, right?

Dead Goblin Count: 341

That is all.

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TXGunGeek said...

Dropped the link to you on bookface. The pair was headed to the home to steel drugs rather than have to buy them. Once inside, dealer fought back shooting would be robber. Came outside with gunshot wound. Died at hospital. This morning details uncovered that the driver who took dead goblin to hospital is actual son of new precinct constable that was promoted when old constable was murdered in shootout couple months ago. Bad news. However, they have not charged the people in the house as of yet.