Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Don't Encourage Them" Day...

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that today is election day. The madness (2012 style) ends today (2016 madness starts in about three weeks). As my #1 blogdaughter says, if you didn't know that today was Election Day, maybe you might want to re-think voting anyways...

I don't think there's any secret that I won't be voting for Barack Obama, but I figured I'd compile a list of reasons just because anyways.

Benghazi. After being told for weeks that it was the result of some obscure YouTube video whipping the Arab Street into a frenzy, we find out that it was a coordinated al Quaeda terrorist attack. That the embassy knew was coming, had requested extra security for, and was denied. Why the cover up? It might have been as simple as the administration didn't want to admit that terrorism was still alive and well, despite Barack Obama personally shooting Osama bin Laden in the face; it could be more, um, nuanced, with rumors of rescue efforts and hostage exchanges. We'll never know, because the "most transparent administration" keeps lying to us and stonewalling.

Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace over the Watergate break-ins, not because of a low-level misdemeanor, but because his office attempted to cover up the crime. Barack Obama hasn't even been asked about the glaring discrepancies in the official accounts of the Benghazi attacks let alone held accountable.

Fast & Furious. Despite being referred to after the second debate as a "right wing conspiracy", there really was a harebrained scheme to allow firearms to be sold to straw buyers funneling the guns into Mexico. The "official" line was that these purchases were allowed to go forward to track where the guns went and to discover which gun shops were allowing the purchases; the reality is that most of the shops specifically pointed out that these were straw purchases (you know, obeying the law) and were told by the ATF to allow the purchases anyways. The guns made it into Mexico, wound up in the hands of cartel members, and at least one of them was used to kill a US Border Patrol agent, all so that we could... Um... It's hard to tell what the exact purpose was, other than Obama's "under the radar" gun control.

Ronald Reagan faced seven years of investigation for selling arms to Iran in exchange for the release of our hostages. Agree or disagree with Reagan's actions, no American citizens were killed in the exchange and he did face scrutiny for what occurred.

GM Bailout. "Too big to fail" is BS, and if government money had gone to help keep the company afloat rather than prop up the UAW, I would have had less vitriol for the US Government shoveling money at a dying company. GM has been producing absolute crap for the past 30 years; the buyout was little more than a vote-buying effort for the union workers, and the end result was that we're subsidizing ridiculousness like the exploding Chevy Volt with our tax dollars.

In a broader sense, the entire "stimulus" shenanigans come to mind. Billions of federal dollars went to make-work that didn't accomplish anything - the so-called "shovel-ready" projects that were neither vital nor pressing. Bridges are still crumbling, highways are still in need of repair, but that one section of highway near your local congresscritter now has a new sheen of tar. Yippee.

Solyndra. Oh lord, where to begin. The list of companies that had federal dollars shoveled at them despite being a worse risk than a necrophiliac in a mortuary is long and distinguished. Under the cover of "going green", a good number of companies sprung up seemingly to grab federal dollars and then declare bankrupcy. It was like whack-a-mole, only with our tax dollars. The result from Washington? Hit China with  tariffs so that we can no longer get affordable solar panels. Yeah, tell me again how you want energy independence?

Again, these companies irk me on two levels. First, just like the GM bailout, if they cannot provide a product that people want to buy, let them sink. Do not prop them up with my tax dollars just because you like what they're making - or they're contributing heavily to your political campaign. Secondly, it casts a pall over legitimate companies out there making truly "green" products.

Media. I could detail examples of bias over the past four years, starting with the contrast between George W. Bush being the "least qualified person to ever run for President" and Barack Obama and his 143 days of actual time in the Senate, but I've got an entire category devoted to media bias. The legacy media has shown, possibly even more so than during the Clinton years, that they are nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic party.

With that in mind, I'd at least like them actually doing their damn job and hounding the president. When something happens in secret, I want the media performing acts of journalism and discovering why it's a secret. If the President lies to us, I want the media calling him on it. It appears that the only way this happens now is when the President has an (R) after his name. So be it. A vote for Romney is a vote for increased scrutiny of the President's actions.

As for the "don't encourage them" part, I'm voting almost exclusively against the incumbent this year. I'll be voting for Scott Brown, again, not because I agree with him, but because Fauxcahontas has run a despicable campaign consisting of nothing more than guilt-by-association, smear tactics, and outright lies. Brown may not be perfect, and I have not forgiven him for shivving gun owners in the back over the reciprocity vote, but his opponent's tactics have so thoroughly disgusted me that I cannot in good conscience vote against him, as it would reward her blatant lies and distortions.

Local elections are easier; my US Representative is either a moron or a crook, so voting for his opponent will be a snap. My State Rep retired after the last election, and she (a Democrat) would have been the only incumbent I would have voted *for*. I'm going with a local boy on the basis that we've got our heads on relatively straight. My State Senator is running unopposed - as a Republican in MA - and has an A+ rating with the local firearms advocacy group.

So, there are my biggest reasons for voting how I'll be voting - how about yours?

That is all.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My rep ran UNCHALLENGED. Damn it! I'm stuck with McGovern again. I should have registered as a Republican and maybe I would have been asked to sign to get someone on the ballot. Or maybe I should register as a Democrat so I can vote in the primary for the most un-electable corrupt idiot on their ticket so a Lib or Gop candidate can have a snowballs chance next time. Oh, wait....I see what I did there.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Glad you asked. I Voted for Ryan/Romney because of a party at the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh on Saturday Night. Dig out the Photos you took, and you should see me talking to Alan Gottlieb of the SAF.

Now, I asked Alan why in hell Obama did NOT go for Gun Control when he had all the Votes he needed in the House and Senate. Alan said that it was because OBAMACARE was higher on the List, and if Nancy Pelosi hadn't messed up the process, plus the recent Supreme Court Rulings, we'd be PRAYING that the Clinton AWB era rules were in place.

But Alan also said that if Obama ever got the chance, he'd go for Gun Control in a Heartbeat.

And look what Obama said about Gun Control in the last Debate. It's still on his "To Do List."

But to get it, he'll need help from the House and Senate RINOS (mostly from New England States).

So I voted a STRAIGHT Republican Ticket here in the Battleground State of Ohio, even though I know some of the Scumbags who are Republicans suck.

But Ohio Democrats suck even worse, and they have pretty much purged the Ranks of the "Blue Dogs," so they're all good little New Soviet Men and Women and Transgender and Undocumented, etc.

So that's why I held my nose and Voted "R."

bluesun said...

I said last week sometime "My pragmatic cynicism has won against my apathetic cynicism" when I voted for Romney, and when doubletrouble commented about "baby steps in the right direction" I replied "I’m not sold on the whole 'right direction' thing, but I’ll settle for 'not immediately and overtly evil.'"


Dave H said...

I voted for Johnson, because I figure if the two biggest parties are broken we need a viable third choice. It'll take time to build up another party but we need to start somewhere.

Despite this being New York my US Rep is actually decent and has listened reasonably well, so voted for her. Same for my state Senator. My state Rep ran unopposed but I'd have voted for him again anyway.

Much as I wish I could vote for Kirsten Gillibrand (she's from upstate, so she oughta have some common sense) she's too much Chuck Schumer's li'l buddy. I voted for Wendy Long, although I think "long shot" is a more apt name in this state.

Suz said...

They traded much of the "shovel ready" for "female friendly."
Easier (and therefore lower-individual-wage) work + feminist approval = more "jobs" and more votes for the same money.


(Unless you're a man with a family to support. Then sorry 'bout your luck.)

Adam said...

I voted Johnson here in MA. I know Obama will take the state, but the more visibility we give to 3rd party candidates the better. That Johnson and Stein weren't at the same debates as Romney and Obama is criminal, in my opinion.

I voted for Brown because I actually like the guy. Warren is so over the top, in terms of blind allegiance to party and hypocrisy, that I am surprised she is considered a viable option.

As for the rest, I voted for unenrolleds first, then republicans, then democrats. I voted yes on all 3 questions.

Stretch said...

Virginia state elections on off year so no state races to cloud issues. Romney gets my vote.
Senate race is an easy choice between two ex-governors. Their financial, political and personal records are well defined. Allan gets my vote.
Congressional race (VA 11th): incumbent professional pol. vs. a retired Green Beret on the GOP ticket and 3 indies/greens that may split the opposition allowing incumbent to stay in office. I'm going with the retired Army officer. (came up from the ranks as Dad did).
Constitutional issues: 1) limits "immanent domain" to govt. projects rather than private development. Will vote YES
2) Gives a week's leeway for legislature to reconvene 'veto session.' Will vote YES.
My wife can't stand for long (knee problems) and we caught the leading edge of the lunch crowd. We'll go back 2 or 2:15.
Long lines. An ambulance was tending to a collapsed voter.
Idiot Fairfax Co. Schools scheduled parent-teacher meetings today at schools housing polling stations. Closest parking over a block away.

Anonymous said...

"2016 madness starts in about three weeks"... Yeah, I don't think so... The way the elections have been going lately, the 2016 election cycle starts at 12:00am on Nov. 7...

Maureen said...

Went with Johnson since a)his positions most closely resemble mine b)a vote for Romney in MA is not going to do him any good and c)I agree that having a genuine third party choice is the best alternative for the future. Not saying the Libertarian party is the best alternative, but they're the closest to being able to really compete -- which, granted, isn't saying much.

Voted Brown for basically the same reason (plus Fauxcahontas reminds me of a nun who taught me in high school). At least he votes his conscience.

All the rest, voted against the incumbent. Not that any of them has a chance in hell of winning. Voted yes on all three ballot questions, no on the two non-bindings (the second of which was basically "would you want to direct your representative in Congress to vote for everything Obama ever said, thought, or shat?" Since I didn't see a F# NO option I just went with no.

Christopher Meyer said...

Theodore Anthony "Ted" Nugent for President. The Nuge will save us!

Lee Terry for House of Reps. A bit of a nerd, but solid Nebraskan with good track record.

No clue who to vote for in the Senate. Deb Fischer (R) is an ultra passive agressive tries to take her hard working neighbors' lands through court battles, and Bob Kerrey (D) has only recently returned to Nebraska from New York politics (blah), and is an Obamaphile and a moron.

Local...there are 31 seats up for election. Should be fun.

Stretch said...

Oh ya, pickup parked near polling place has a large homemade sign: "Remember Benghazi"