Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Deaf Ears, Falling On...

#1 Blogson has issued his mea culpa. I come not to gloat, but to strategize. Believe me on this, I wanted so desperately for Borepatch to be right and for me to be wrong; I wanted public sentiment to sweep Mitt Romney into office so that we could start having checks and balances again. But when Romney secured the nomination, I knew that Obama had just won a second term. Mitt Romney is a Big Government Republican. I will not use the term "RINO", because it has become abundantly clear that the Republican party, by a wide margin, is every bit as rah-rah big government as the Democrats.

I guarantee you that the GOP has learned all the wrong lessons from this election. I am certain that whoever the Democrats run in 2016 will be running against a Republican along the lines of Rudy Giuliani, Paul Helmke, or Michael Bloomberg (when he was a Republican). The GOP's solution will be to run further to the left, when the truth is we want them to run further to the right.

Now, I mean fiscal right here; here's a nickel's worth of free advice to the GOP: Conservatism is best served by leaving people the hell alone. We don't just want the .gov to stay out of our financial decisions, we want them the hell out of our personal ones as well. The instant one of you clowns starts babbling about rape, abortion, or contraception, you turn off 10X more people than you bring into the fold. People do not want the government involved in their bodies - the universal condemnation of the TSA ought to tell you that.

But you won't listen - you haven't listened for decades, why would you start now?

Socially moderate, fiscally conservative - you run a candidate with those qualifications, you will mop up the floor with the Democrat nominee in 2016. Leave people the hell alone, reduce spending, task the military with killing people and breaking things. THAT is what we want. We don't want Uncle Sam telling us how many liters of water our toilets can use per flush. We don't want to be told how many ounces of soda we can consume at one sitting. If it doesn't hurt anyone else, leave it the hell alone. It is positively stunning how easy that message is, yet how difficult it is for the GOP to get it.

The Democrats *own* the nanny state. Look no further than New York, with a ban on trans fat and large sodas. Look to places like New Jersey, where non-union electricians were turned away from helping in the clean-up of Sandy. These are not the actions that people really want, they're reactions from Nanny State plutocrats who want to be seen as "doing something". Here's a hint: doing something stupid is worse than doing nothing any day of the week...

But if there's one thing we can count on the GOP to do, it's something stupid...

This election should have been an absolute no-brainer. The economy is in the toilet; unemployment is high - and the "official" number is lower because people have stopped looking for work; gas prices - and everything else along with it - are up; the GOP candidate could - SHOULD - have done NOTHING but hammer the "it's the economy, stupid" and "are you better off now than you were four years ago"? But no, we got Aikens and "women can't get pregnant during rape" and Mourdock's "even rape babies are God's Creatures" - stupid, pointless, idiotic soundbites that were used effectively against the entire Republican party.

Helpful hint to the GOP: If you're going to open your piehole about rape, abortion, etc., DON'T. Shut your mouth and keep it closed. NOTHING you can say is going to help you or your party - it will only be used to beat you about the head and shoulders - and rightly so. I know smart, good people who refused to vote for Romney based on the uneducated drivel coming out of the mouths of other Republicans. I know for a fact that Fauxcahontas used Aiken's comments against Scott Brown - and look who the new MA Junior Senator is. Shorter to the GOP: SHUT THE FUCK UP.

The folks that gobble up the hardline social conservatism are dwindling, and the folks that want to be left the hell alone are growing. The Tea Partiers? The ones you dismiss? That's the wave of the future. Folks, by and large, want to be left alone. Yes, there are those that want the government to provide their every want and need. You will never reach those people. Don't even try. Instead, drop the social conservatism, work on the fiscal conservatism, and let folks do what they want so long as they're not bothering anyone else.

And to the left? You can read all you want into Obama's win. He was blessed with a lousy opponent, just like George W. Bush was in 2004. He failed to energize a large portion of his base - between his support of the Assault Weapons ban and RomneyCare, it was hard to distinguish him from his opponent, and the turnout reflected that. Had the GOP nominated someone that folks were energized to vote for, this would have been a different election indeed.

I doubt either party will listen. The GOP will move further to the left - and so will the Democrats. There is a crisis looming as our spending increases more and more and revenue decreases - but everyone who points that out is shouted down amidst calls for Obamaphones and free birth control. We aren't going to have a serious discussion about the economy until it hits rock bottom - and the folks freezing and hungry in the dark in NY and NJ are going to be but a taste of things to come.

Enjoy the victory, President Obama - Mitt Romney made certain you earned it.

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Jay, I agree with you. But for real Change to occur, the Old Nursing Home Farts who are in CHARGE of the Republican Party ALL need to become Zombie Targets.

Although, I must admit, some of the Bullets won't pierce some of their Skulls, since they're full of Concrete.

As for the Tea Party, WHICH Tea Party? Every one seems to have a dozen members MAX. And there's a Zillion of them.

But the Senile Bastards in charge of the GOP are already blaming their losses on the Tea Party, instead of looking in the Mirror and saying "I FUCKED UP!"

Give the DemaCommies their Due: They are Organized, Structured and have done their Purges since the days of Carter. So yeah, they get an Outlier like Van Jones every now and then, but the Central Committee gets together and throws them out. But when they make a few phone calls, and within 24 hours can throw a 30,000 person screaming Mob into the Wisconsin State House, then someone in the GOP better start thinking that the days of the Smoke-Filled Back Room with their "Good Buddies on the other side of the Aisle" are OVER.

So, yeah, we can call the Republitards WHIGS, but unlike 1856, there's no Lincoln out there to form a New Party for the next Election.

And Lord knows, we need one bad.

threecollie said...

Outstanding post!

Jim said...

I agree. I can't say I would mind letting the Republicans keep the center, the Dems keep the left and SOMETHING else take the right. A three party system would make a lot more sence to me. Not that it will do much good now, though. Needed it to start 50 or so years ago to do any real good...

greg said...

True that. I've gone round and round about this with Og on his site..I'm not saying I'm happy or unhappy about it, but the fact's are in the numbers: The United States is no longer a Religous Country...bringing religous principles into the discussion IS NOT going to help the Republican Party at this point.

The Same-Sex Marriage/abortion fights were fought 20 years ago. Democrats have convinced The Average American that abortion is part of the War on Women...the Religous Right needs to figure out it CAN'T win that fight now, and focus on what it can win.

Dirk said...

You've put into very eloquent words many of the thoughts I've had over the past year or so.

I held my nose when I voted yesterday... but I'd be absolutely thrilled to vote for a candidate that ran on the "cut spending and leave people the hell alone" platform.

Boat Guy said...

Well said, sir! Well said!
Thing is, Les, there isn't a "Tea Party", there is a Tea Party Movement whose consciousness Jay has enunciated quite well

Anonymous said...

Movements don't win elections, though, parties do.

We need a party that has accepted that we want a political party to do the things the Constitution says government should do, and then leave all the rest of it alone.

Unfortunately, it ain't going to happen without a big reset, and that ain't going to happen until there is a BIG fall.


Bram said...

YES! No more Rino cronies and no more god-squad types.

I doubt the retards who run the party are going to listen. They'll treat Rand Paul like shit and spit on Libertarians in general.

Cargosquid said...

You missed something though.

You blame the Republican party for all its choosing candidates, etc.

But you left out the feckless Republicans that, knowing what the stakes were, stayed home. Politics is about compromise. There will NEVER be a perfect candidate and if the "offended" member of the party disagree with the winner of the primary/convention, and they stay home.... we lose.

Millions...MILLIONS...of Republican voters did not vote for Romney. While he should inspire, sometime you just don't feel it. It's the VOTER who has the responsibility, not the candidate, to fix things. And not voting does nothing but help your opponent.

Cargosquid said...

You missed something though.

You blame the Republican party for all its choosing candidates, etc.

But you left out the feckless Republicans that, knowing what the stakes were, stayed home. Politics is about compromise. There will NEVER be a perfect candidate and if the "offended" member of the party disagree with the winner of the primary/convention, and they stay home.... we lose.

Millions...MILLIONS...of Republican voters did not vote for Romney. While he should inspire, sometime you just don't feel it. It's the VOTER who has the responsibility, not the candidate, to fix things. And not voting does nothing but help your opponent.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Cargosquid is right. For example, I just checked the State Of Ohio Election Site. This election, there were 7,985,428 Registered Voters. 5,364,324 voted yesterday, for all the Candidates on the Ballots. That meant 2,621,104 stayed home.

That's almost 1/3. If that's the trend Nationwide, then we are looking at either a "Pox on Both your Houses" Scenario, or (my guess) they told the Republican Party to pick better Candidates next time. Know the Democratic Machine, I doubt that most of that missing third were Dems.

BTW, Boat Guy. Yeah, I know that the Tea Party isn't a Functional Party. But the DemaCommies have through their Propaganda Arms have given the Impression that it really is a Single Party. Just check out all the Crowing from the DNC and the SDCC and the rest of the Dems talking about how they "Crushed the Tea Party" and the "Right-Wing Extremist Tea Party has been destroyed!", yada,yada,yada.

So, I say, if the "Movement" wants to continue to be attacked, then they need to get Official Status, get on the Ballot, and fight back. I'm sure there's a few Congress and Senate Politicians who could jump Ship, and really send a shockwave through Capitol Hill.

Lord Knows, SOMETHING has to Give.

Chris said...

I will disagree slightly with your observation that most people just want to be left alone. Yes, most folks want others to leave them alone, but they are all in the pants of someone else that "offends" their sensibilities. Until a working plurality is willing to grant to everyone else the freedom to do whatever doesn't harm another, we'll continue to have our current government.

Eric said...


Great post! Now print it out, wrap it around a baseball bat and beat the RNC with it.

Boat Guy said...

Yup, "Right-Wing Extremist Tea Party has been destroyed!" all right; that's why the Dems took the House...oh, wait...
We actually had a kinda Tea-Third-Party here - I think - the "American Constitution Party" whose existence was unknown to me (and I do pay attention sometimes) till I saw them on the ballot. Need to look at them a little closer and see what they're really up to...

Unknown said...

My wife and I had the same sort of discussion last night. The Republican party is getting old and not many people want the social conservatism. Leave us alone, spend less. Less smug would be nice, too. Do that and I'd vote Republican.

Anonymous said...

Don't often leave comments, choose anonymus cause I didn't have/know the other stuff. I am Roger from Michigan. I enjoy reading your blog, you keep getting better. It seems to me, we may be losing some important ground in the effort to protect our freedoms when we can't close ranks even when the threat is before us. There are many problems with the parties and those who claim some relationship with the basic platforms. Those who I read that stand on principle (chose your definition), often are willing or even defiant to a degree that may be self destructive. If we want to protect our freedom, then try to keep your mind open, use your situationsl awareness, don't ever forget this election was about much more than turnout or group identity or some other personal grievance. As the results began to show Obama as the victor, the process to advance the U.N. treaty that could restrict our constitutional rights began to advance. I have attached a link, if this works. Let us not abandon an ally because we don't care for his choice in music. Thanks for the chance to weigh in. Roger