Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cool News!

Got an interesting presser earlier today:

COTTONWOOD, AZ (November 2012) - LaserLyte®, innovators of firearms laser technology, has signed on to become a 2013 Sponsor for Guns & Ammo TV. LaserLyte will be the official laser sponsor of the show for the upcoming year and the exclusive laser sponsor during Q3 and Q4 of 2013.
I've been an unabashed fan of LaserLyte for years, and this just adds another check to the pile. Their line of products is solid; their support of the gunblogging community is excellent, and now they're even sponsoring G&A TV. I like that they've got a sense of humor (the pistol bayonet, the double barrel shotgun rail) but also provide valuable training tools like the Laser Target and the caliber-specific Training Cartridges).

And now they've teamed up with Guns & Ammo:
"LaserLyte is very proud to support Guns & Ammo TV in their ongoing efforts to provide educational reviews of tactical and sporting firearms, ammo, optics, accessories and training techniques to the American citizen," Aaron Moore, VP of LaserLyte commented.
Hmmm. Educational reviews of firearms, ammo, optics, accessories, and training. I wonder if Guns & Ammo needs a ruggedly handsome gunblogger for hosting duties? ;)

Good on, ya, LaserLyte!

That is all.


Rifleman762 said...

Jay, I keep wishing for a solid review of the J-frame side mount lasers by LaserLyte. If you could get your hands on one for T&E, it would probably also make a nice addition to the Snubby from Hell.

Jay G said...


I can and have tested their J-frame side-mount laser.

The Snubbie from Hell wears a Crimson Trace Grip laser, actually...

Rifleman762 said...

Thanks! I must've missed that one.