Monday, November 19, 2012

CCI "Quiet-22" Ammo, 60 Second Review

Brad_in_MA e-mailed me last night to tell me he had tried a box of the CC Quiet-22 ammunition - that's their new reduced noise round that's still (close to) full power. He found it to live up to their claims of no hearing protection needed when shooting through a single-shot rifle.

I had a chance to run a box of this ammo at the Northeast Bloggershoot back in August. During a break in the loud shooting, we had a three-gun shoot-off for noise: Wally had a suppressed Ruger 22/45, THOTpd had a Rohm RG10 in .22 Short, and I had my Smith & Wesson model 17 with the CCI Quiet 22 in it.The Ruger was in fact quieter, but not by a large amount. The Smith was next, with the diminutive .22 Shorts sounding loudest out of all three arms.

The CCI Quiet 22 was not sufficient to cycle my 22/45 or my 10/22, but that's the price one pays for quieter ammunition. When I bring a new shooter to the range, I start them off on a .22LR revolver - this is absolutely perfect for their very first cylinder, and I intend to incorporate this into the new shooter regimen.

CCI Quiet-22 ammunition - it's the sshhh without the expensive paperwork!

That is all.


bluesun said...

Also great for lever actions. No worries about cycling.

Jay G said...

Yep. Levers, pumps, and bolt-action rifles all have zero trouble cycling this ammo.

And, as Brad points out, in a rifle this ammo is just as quiet as standard .22LR from a suppressed pistol. Definitely what the (ear) doctor ordered for those that have sensitive ears!

Anonymous said...


It will cycle your 10/22 if you run Kidd parts and springs. They design one specifically for lower powered rounds.

lee n. field said...

Cool. I'll have to pick some up.

Old NFO said...

Jay, be aware if you go to the Kidd stuff, you'll have problems with bolt slam if you go back to full power rounds.

Anonymous said...

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Rifleman762 said...

Ugg boots? That's some interesting spam commenting.

I use the Aguila .22 Colibri in my Ruger MkIII and Super Colibri in my Marlin 795. Neither are particularly expensive- about the same price as 100rds of Minimag. The Super Colibri has a bit more punch to get it through a rifle barrel. Both are surprisingly accurate, and are actually quieter than some BB guns. You could shoot them, say, in a basement range without waking the neighbors, or even someone in the house.

My only complaint is that due to the short OAL, I can only fit about 5 rounds in the MkIII magazines. Also, these will not cycle the bolt or even push it back (but that makes it even quieter).

Firehand said...

I've been getting a bleepload of spam at my place pushing Uggs.

I just fired some of the CCI Quiet today. Not bad at all, much quieter than standard. I couldn't try it without muffs or plugs, was on an indoor range with a 12 gauge being used in the next lane, but could still tell the difference.

Had it in a semi-auto rifle, just cycled the bolt by hand.