Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another Round of Jay's Favorite Game!

Well, I got word yesterday that another T&E firearm is on its way. I don't think I'll have it in time for tomorrow's gun pr0n (don't worry, I have backup - two is one and all), but it will be revealed next Friday for sure. It's something that I've been waiting on for a while, something that I'm very interested in trying out, and something that, while I may not have specifically mentioned previously, is very close to something I have wanted for a long time.

So, who wants to get what the mystery firearm is (Wally, you be quiet)?

That is all.


Wally said...

Wha, you dont want to be a T&E mule for me anymore ?

Jay G said...

Given that I told you what it was, that was the point.

And I've already got one York Arms product on the T&E list... ;)

(still waiting on that Rem 1740 tho'...)

Wally said...

Well you should see what's in the pipeline :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll go somewhat vague and guess Sig pistol. Past that level of specifics..,,i got nothing from what you've given.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Uh, let's see, what's Mass Legal that's new on the Market?

Nothing? ; )

TheAxe said...

That new colt .380? Mustang maybe?