Friday, November 9, 2012

Another Friday Chuckle...

See in e-mail, in response to this link:

Report: Mexican Cartel Bought Guns From U.S. Border Patrol
The testimony of a Mexican hitman turned government witness has revealed some astonishing details of life inside Mexico’s criminal underworld. Most astonishing of all: claims that cartel assassins obtained guns from the U.S. Border Patrol.
According to Mexican magazine Revista Contralinea, the testimony comes from a protected government witness and former hitman, who cooperated in the prosecution of a Sinaloa Cartel accountant by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office. The testimony details a series of battles fought by a group of cartel members attempting to drive out rival gangsters from territory in Mexico’s desert west. To do it, the group sought weapons from the U.S., including at least 30 WASR-10 rifles — a variant of the AK-47 — allegedly acquired from Border Patrol agents.
This, BTW, would be the "Fast & Furious" program that many on the left have derided as a "right wing conspiracy theory", mind you.

The chuckle, though, was this parting thought:
After Obama signs the UN Small Arms Treaty, he can be prosecuted for repeatedly violating it!
That's about the best way to find a pony in all this I've seen yet...

That is all.


Glenn B said...
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Glenn B said...

It truly saddens me to hear about crap like that since I started my career in the Border Patrol. But then again, it was under Bill Clinton that the BP started hiring from the barrios of Los Angeles and guys with gang tattoos started to get hired - so it does not surprise me in the least. of course, there were always some corrupt agents in any agency, it is just that the US government did not have to proactively hire them and really screw things up. A crying shame.

All the best,