Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ah, California Of The South...

Now, see, I'd expect something like this from MA or CA. But North Carolina?

NC judge halts Brasstown's Opossum Drop
RALEIGH -- Between the bear stew, the musket blasts and the cross-dressing truck drivers, the Brasstown Opossum Drop offered the state’s liveliest party on New Year’s Eve – without a drop of mountain moonshine.
But this year, revelers will mark the year’s last minutes without Brasstown’s fur-covered bigwig, the festival’s namesake. The ‘possum drop will have no ‘possum – not a live one, at least.
Judging from the reaction, you'd think they were dropping a live possum off a twenty story building to smash into bits below. No, they put the possum inside a clear box and lower it down a la the apple in NYC on New Year's Eve. And that, apparently, has PETA's knickers in a twist, so much so that they sued the town on the basis of running an unlicensed zoo.

That's not what prompted this post, though. We expect PETA to act all batshit insane over stuff like this; it's what they do. No, it was the NC judge likening the possum to Patrick Henry that earned it the "WTF Moment of the Day" - because, you know, George Washington crossed the Delaware to secure the rights of all marsupials to be shot as varmints rather than trapped and put in fiberglass cages.

It makes my head hurt, it does.

That is all.

Thanks to Stretch for the article, who had the best subject line ever: Black robes cause insanity


Old NFO said...

There is ALWAYS one in every crowd... sigh...

ASM826 said...

Remember, it's a judge, which means it's a lawyer, that made this decision.

Anyway, instead of lowering live possums in cages, most of us down here just hit them on the road.

I think a fun alternative would be to have a New year's Eve contest to see how far you could throw a road kill possum with a trebuchet.

Dave H said...

how far you could throw a road kill possum with a trebuchet.

Or a piece of drain pipe and a can of starting fluid.

Here, hold my beer for me willya?

Borepatch said...

North Carolina is the Massachusetts of Dixie.

Anonymous said...

Raleigh is Amherst or Berkeley with prettier women.


Ed said...

Opussum = marsupial version of a snaggle-tooth rat.