Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Advice That Could Kill You!

Scott in MI sends in this story out of - not MA, but close - California. Just wait for it.

Jewelry store owner shoots at robbers in San Jose
SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- In San Jose, a jewelry store owner stopped an armed robber in a bold way. Police say she's lucky things turned out the way they did. Her strategy is not one they recommend.
There was a brazen move by two would-be armed robbers, an even more brazen move by an armed jewelry store owner on Story and King roads. It was a stand-off that could have easily ended in tragedy, but didn't.
The whole freakin' article is like this. How dare that knuckle-dragging neanderthal be stupid enough to try to defend herself? Scott pointed out this little nugget of wisdom from the San Jose PD:
"We don't recommend it. We would have preferred that they just go ahead and comply with the request or demands of the robbers. Again they were after material items that could be replaced and again our biggest fear is that somebody would have gotten hurt, injured and possibly even died," said Morales
Right. Except in those cases where they decide to leave no witnesses, right Detective? You're talking about a little hole-in-the-wall place here, most likely owned by the woman who pulled the gun. Even if all they did was smash the place up and steal a bunch of stuff, that's going to seriously affect her livelihood - and you shrug it off as tough noogies? Really? Someone could have possibly died - gee, like the store owner?

I'm sorry, this is reprehensible on the part of the police department. There have been PLENTY of stories where the bad guy or guys walk into the store, execute witnesses, and walk out. Someone walks into your establishment with a firearm and threatens your life, you take them at their word and act accordingly. "Hoping for the best" is NOT - SHOULD NEVER BE - a viable plan.

Given the choice between a dead shopkeeper and a dead goblin, I'll take the dead goblin every. damn. time.

That is all.


Armed Texan said...

I would like to ask Officer Morales why he and his fellow officers carry guns. After all, someone could get hurt, injured and possibly even dead if they were to use their guns to thwart crime.

Richard said...

Well said. As a knuckle-dragging cop in the southern US, we prefer to handle dead perp calls than dead store owner calls. I guess California is just different.

Scott_S said...

Oh Cali. How far you have fallen.

Anyone counting on the criminal to show mercy is making a suckers bet.

Dave H said...

Richard: which has less paperwork?

Ken O said...

I thought armed robbers being rendered dead by shop owners was a desirable thing.

Anonymous said...

San Jose has always been anti-gun. The police have been at very anti-gun since the days of Joe McNamara. In an era of shrinking city budgets and reductions in the police force exactly how do you plan on explaining to the family (had it come to that) their loved one is dead because you (the police) wanted them to just roll over and comply.

Yes, the store owner did the right thing and defended themselves and their store. "how dare they!" Well now isn't that to damn bad. Maybe if police and prosecutors were more proactive instead of reactive your crime rates would fall.