Thursday, November 8, 2012

ACTUAL Shotguns with Lasers!

So, remember how I got one of the really cool new LaserLyte Kryptonyte Center Mass lasers? And then realized that my Mossberg has a Weaver rail, not a Picatinny rail?

Well, the guys at LaserLyte are way too cool and really on the ball, because yesterday this showed up at the house:

Yep, a tri-rail adapter that fits on the magazine tube. It took a little bit of finagling (my issue, not theirs), but it made it on the Mossberg. It didn't even interfere with the bayonet!

Heh. Gotta have my stabby. Remember, a shotgun without a bayonet is like a day without sunshine.

And even though it's the same thing, I figured a long-distance shot of the laser actually on the shotgun was in order:

Same distance (it's actually the opposite view from the first picture). Beam is closer to 18" (more of a reference down that end of the hall), but that's at 50 feet - which given an inch spread per yard as a metric for cylinder choke is just about dead-on. It even clears the bayonet!

Now I need to get this out to the Sooper Seekrit range and try it out!

That is all.

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