Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A (Local) Political Message From Wally...

Wally had a less-than-exemplary run-in with a local candidate this morning. I'll let him tell you about it...
For a while now I’ve been saying I’d endorse any politician who runs on the “get off my lawn” platform. While the description is largely symbolic , it does represent my hopes that you can just do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t impact me. It isn’t truly about my lawn, but I do take a little pride in that patch of greenery. A couple of years ago, it was great. It’s not perfect any more, but it’s still my little piece of this planet. And when my lawn is directly threatened, I get very unhappy.

So this morning, Election day, I stroll out my door and hop in my truck and I am greeted by another truck carpet bombing campaign signs and heading into my drive.

Looking at my compass and confirming this is still my drive, I promptly ask this fellow to beat feet. Don’t stare at me dumbfounded, just leave. Don’t roll your window down and explain your justification for being in my yard, just pay attention to the irate homeowner screaming at you to GTFO. Don’t tell me how you are a candidate for state rep. Unass my property now. I have no desire to hear your ramblings. You are not allowed here. Go away. RFN. You, a marine, are thoroughly disturbed by being yelled at? You threaten to call the police? You actually call the police because I am clearly and loudly expressing your non-welcomosity ? I am sure they will be receptive to your call, since you are thoroughly entitled to my lawn, at least on opposite day. How about you just get the hell off my property ? Do you see those 8 people walking past, to the polls, watching this scene? I am sure they are thrilled to see this unfold. That’s top notch campaign advertising right there.

Platforms and posturing aside, seeing your inability to respect my property right or my wishes says it all.

Candidate Usher, from the bottom of my heart,FOAD.
Campaigning - UR DOIN IT RONG.

That is all.


Mopar said...

So, since I am sorely in need of a laugh today, what did Officer Friendly say when he showed up?

Wally said...

Heh. I gave it half an hour, know he called - he hung around just down the street for a while.

I havent heard anything yet, and not sure what exactly I would here.

Local LE is great, I am sure if their dispatch thought anything of the call I'll hear something of it!

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

And this is one reason why I don't really care to do early voting. I like to give the candidates all the time in the world to screw up before I tap that "vote" button.