Monday, October 15, 2012

You Can't Fix Stupid...

But you can sure as hell spread it around. Lots of stupid in this story.

State Jail Employee Indicted For Stealing From Vending Machines In Dedham Area
DEDHAM (CBS) – A Bay State Correctional Center employee was indicted Friday on charges he stole more than $8,000 from vending machines.

Donald Packard, 36, of Brockton, was indicted by a Norfolk County Grand Jury on seven charges of breaking and entering into a depository of money and one charge of larceny over $250.
First off, the dude's an idiot, plain and simple. He scores a sweet gig with the state and f**ks it up, all for a few grand in nickels? You just pissed away a state pension for the price of a ten year old used car, dude. Way to go, imbecile. Secondly, he only stole out of the machines from the company he used to work for. Oh, like no one is going to recognize a pattern or anything that might lead them directly to you, schmuck.

And, lastly, the vending machine company. You mean to tell me they don't keep track of the keys that they hand out? Really? And that when they noticed that revenue != goods sold, they didn't review things like who might have keys at that facility? Or just change out the locks? I mean, I hate to blame the victim here, but for damn close to a year this guy was stealing from them and it took them eight months to notice something was up? Great record keeping there, folks.

Heck, I used to work for a supermarket running the register, and we had to count down our drawer every night. Once a week they reviewed what their records showed vs. what should have been in the drawer, literally down to the penny - and this was in the 1980s, long before sophisticated computer programs and high-tech registers. Thirty years ago they could track what was in my cash drawer down to a fin; this dude's walking out the door with a grand in change every month and no one caught it...

Then again, if criminals were smart, they wouldn't be criminals...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I know this one!
"I'll take "the Rapists" for $8000 Alex."
See what I did there? Pun AND Obscure reference all in one reply!

Chasing Freedom said...

I'm not sure I'd be all over the vending company for not finding this earlier. (1) It may have taken a month or two to figure out there was an issue (2) They'd probably check current employees first (3) Keys get lost / destroyed & are not overly unique (one key may open 100's of machines) so replacing all the locking mechanisms / units isn't really feasible for every key loss. So yes, little laggardly on the investigation but not outside the realm of reality.