Thursday, October 4, 2012

What The Hell Is In The Water in Detroit???

Detroit top cop suspended pending probe of Twitter pictures, alleged relationship with female officer
The Detroit police chief has been placed on a 30-day suspension while the city conducts an investigation into allegations of an affair with a woman on the force who is seen in a Twitter photo holding what appears to be her police-issued 9-mm.Glock handgun in her mouth, reported.

"After learning of the allegations regarding Chief Ralph Godbee, I have placed him on a 30-day suspension pending a full and thorough investigation of this matter,” Mayor Dave Bing said in a statement.
My friend Rick Ector posted about this story on Facebook yesterday, but didn't mention that it was a Detroit cop who posed with the gun in her mouth. I don't know which is worse - that the police chief was dumb enough to have an affair with a subordinate (and, it appears, a mentally unbalanced subordinate who also happens to be a police officer), or that he apparently reached across jurisdictions to check on his former squeeze after seeing the picture?

And the irony of ironies? Godbee because chief of police in Detroit when the previous chief resigned - over a sex scandal...

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Detroit is a dying city. Everybody with common sense left years ago.

Dave H said...

Everybody with common sense left years ago.

Here's why - the Curley Effect. Detroit's former mayor Coleman Young is cited as an example.

karrde said...


Didn't Detroit lose a mayor a few years back due to perjury and misuse of city resources?

Both the perjury and the misuse were connected to an affair with an underling.

(There was also a FBI investigation of a bribery scandal involving the same mayor...)

You're right, there is something going around in Detroit's City-level government.

Anonymous said...

The crazy thing about this most recent kerfluffle, is that this female officer is the same officer that the previous DPD Chief Warren Evans was having relation's with that got his ass caned back in 2009.

*A Singing Detective*

Ed said...

But Mr. Romney, why are you not emulating Mr. Curley and pandering to the 47%? It works, but not for long, for at the end you are leading something with which you do not want to be associated.