Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Try It.

Biden: I’ve never ridden anywhere without teamsters
Manchester, N.H. - Vice President Joe Biden sought to rev up union support in yet another crucial swing state Saturday, stopping by the local Teamsters headquarters to address members getting ready to canvass neighborhoods on behalf of the Democratic ticket.

The vice president professed his loyalty to the crowd soon after taking the podium.
Yeah, yeah, I know, sucking up to the base, nothing surprising there. Unions are a dying breed, Joe. Shouldn't you be sucking up somewhere else?

Oh, wait.
Anticipating aggressive ad attacks by Republican superpacs, Biden told the crowd the only "antidote" to the air campaign is a "knock on the door."
Oh, he claims that this means they need to be aggressive in countering what they consider to be lies from the GOP, but given what we've seen - the New Black Panther party carrying clubs in front of polling places, "hit back twice as hard", etc. - and given the group he's addressing is infamous for heavy handed tactics, well, this certainly looks like a call for violence. I would caution the vice president against agitating for union-inspired violence in a place like New Hampshire. Sure, in (mostly) disarmed places like MA or NY, union thugs can beat and intimidate whoever they wish with little fear of reprisal.

Not so in Live Free or Die land, Plugs.

The next four weeks are going to be nasty - but nowhere near as nasty as the aftermath of the election, I fear. I foresee a reprisal of the 2000 election, with the results unclear and too close to call, with rampant voter fraud and outright cheating (hey! Look! We magically found a box full of ballots, and every single one of them was for Al Gore!). There's already rumblings about riots should Romney win; it's hard to tell how that's going to break when the rubber really does hit the road - there's a long way between chest-thumping Twitter talk and actual violence; OTOH this isn't exactly a group known for self-control - or consequences for their actions.

The "Occupy[Insertplacenamehere]" crowd left destruction, debris, petty crime, rape, and other manners of criminality in their wake, and yet they're portrayed as the noble underdog against the evil, mustache-twirling robber barons of industry. The Tea Party crowd typically left areas cleaner than when they started and were vilified as racist extremists. The New Black Panther party stood outside of polling places with clubs and scowled at folks coming in to vote; Eric Holder declined to prosecute them - and then went after states that started requiring identification to vote.

This isn't going to end well - be a Boy Scout and be prepared...

That is all.


Armed Texan said...
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Armed Texan said...

Tell me again why you haven't moved up here to NH? I did this year and I am loving it. We could use another sane vote where it will count and you can own any gun your heart desires as long as the federales are OK with it.

Christopher Meyer said...

Signed up for conceal carry class, ammo well stocked, weapons PMCS'd. Ready for Fallout here.

Republicans/conservatives aren't perfect by any means, but I love how the left claims to be fighting for freedom and protecting rights...and then villifies those actually working towards these goals. And God forbid we disagree...but wait, isn't that what we're supposed to do in a free society? Disagree with those in charge, keep them honest?

instinct said...

Taking election day off this time. Might not get violent where I am, but I'm not going to take any chances.

Pretty sad state of affairs that we have to worry about things like this.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Living about 25 miles from Cleveland, which a couple of generations of Demacommie Rule has turned it into a "Progressive Utopia," that's part of the reason the Wife and I Voted Absentee and turned in the Ballots.

Granted, any possible "Social Unrest" over the Election Results may not reach us, but I remember what happened in LA over a Trial Verdict. So I have no plans to go near the Inner City around Election Day.

Roger said...

Election day is not going to be the problem. The problem(s) will begin in the days & weeks after Obungler loses. There will be shrill howls of Raaaaacissst from all the usual liberal talking heads, much shaking of heads in wonderment as to how someone so wonderful could POSSIBLY be defeated in a "fair" election.
Finally there will be "protest demonstrations" (Just like those at the embassy - - demonstrations you know). Be prepared folks, have food & drink & security for yourselves and your loved ones, for the wild rumpus will begin.

Matt said...

Any union reps show up at my door canvassing for Democrats will get, in order:

1. "Go away"
2. "No,'re trespassing and I'm ordering you to leave NOW."
3. "I have a gun"
4. Irrefutable proof that #3 is the truth.

And if any part of their body crosses the threshold of my door, I skip straight to #4.

Silver the Evil Chao said...

I've honestly started to consider, despite living in a dorm room, already beginning to stockpile goods and food in a rubbermaid bin. Just picking up some rice here, some canned goods there, matches...just as little "extras" for every shopping excursion. Luckily, I already know where I can buy rice online for cheap ( is AWESOME), so I can do that the next time I have an online purchase...

Glenn B said...

You mean to tell me all those Secret Service Agents who drive you all over the place are in the Teamsters' Union - BULLSHIT JOE!