Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Stoopid! It Burns!

So, the latest bit of idiocy making the rounds of the liberals on Facebook is a doubling-down on the stupidity of the "You didn't build that" meme:

(from Facebook, look for any liberal's post)

I am absolutely stunned by the many levels of dumbass here. I mean, first off, the damn storm's not even out of the US yet and some libtard is using it for a cheap political shot. Stay classy, you guys. Secondly, really? You honestly want to bring back "You didn't build that"? Did you think that through all the way? I know it plays well with the diehard socialist/communist "only government can do anything" group, but that's maybe 10-20% of the voting public, tops.

And, lastly, with the exception of NYC and a handful of other places, the vast majority of the cleanup will be performed by state and local agencies - not the FedGov. I know in my town the cleanup was 100% local - our municipal electric company stayed on top of outages, and our highway department cleared the roads of debris. No Federal help, not even any state help (well, we might have used some state equipment to clear one of the two state highways that run through my town; I didn't see so I can't be sure).

This is not a winning strategy, folks. This absolutely REEKS of desperation. I mean, cheap shots are to be expected in political campaigns, but stupid, ill-informed, provincial cheap shots make you look positively buffoonish. Yeah, New York City is going to need FEMA and Federal assistance - and who do you think NY is going to go for in a big way? Hint: Not Mitt Romney. Instead, you just alienated all those swing voters in New Hampshire that will be helping their neighbors clear their driveways. Great strategy!

On second thought, this is fantastic - please keep doing this for the next six days...

That is all.


Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"stupid, ill-informed, provincial cheap shots make you look positively buffoonish"

Unfortunately, they're aiming for the stupid, ill-informed, provincial voter, so their gains will probably outweigh the losses.

"the damn storm's not even out of the US yet and some libtard is using it for a cheap political shot"

Heck, I think I saw some of them using it before the eye even made landfall. To many liberals, shame is something that makes other people weak, not something they have themselves.

Old NFO said...

Yep, desperation...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

FEMA makes calls, they cut checks, they try to coordinate. Don't need half the staff they have to do that. Cut the overhead and their is more money to cut checks to help disaster areas.

My electric company, which I PAY for, has arrangements with other electric companies to help fix things when stuff breaks. Crews from Alabama were around. They will help quickly fix the downed areas and then jump in their truck to help further north. All without federal intervention.

Had a tree fallen on my house or car or me my insurance, which I PAY for, with a private company, would have paid me.

So yeah, in a way, I DID clear the roads. My monthly electric bill DID build that.

Oh, the gummint subsidizes one or more of those things and I'd pay a bit more if they didn't? Fine. Stop subsidizing it and I'll pay the new private rates. Oh, and since the feds aren't sticking their grubby hands in it, cut my taxes too. I pay a lot of taxes into a innefficient system so Leftists can think THEY are helping ME through the auspices of Daddy Gummint.

Joe said...

Funny, I don't remember the government coming to clear the trees that had fallen in my yard and street during the ice storm we had in '07. I did that. The city did come around and collect the branches piled by the street but if I had to borrow a truck and haul them to the landfill I would have done that.

Wally said...

Back in the flooding of 1995, I had a lot of involvment with FEMA and MEMA. Uncoordinated as can be.

With this storm, I (yes me) had a stout generator in place with plenty of fuel, ample groceries, gasoline, etc. It's not like I am holding my breath for a federally funded unicorn to bring me TP when there is a storm.

Interestingly enough, I have seen a lot of private folks tending to their areas - clearing debris from roadways in front of their houses. Two homes in my neighborhood have trees through them. One was being cleared yesterday, and of course by a private company- one whom I have paid plenty for their crane services too - and would again. That's how private business works- I pay a ton and I am delighted enough to do it again.

There couldn't be a bigger disconnect to reality with the "you build that" mentality.

ps: I swear I will vote for any candidate running on the "get off my lawn" platform

Geodkyt said...

Yeah, people forget that it's the Federal Emergency Management Agency, not the Federal Emergency Action Agency.

They provide and support coordination, especially where local assets are fried from the disaster. They bring mobile operations and communications centers, advice, a big ass Rolodex of contractors, and liquid funds. That's all.

threecollie said...

Ask folks in the Schoharie Valley how the gubmint came through for them after Irene last year. Lots of them lost everything and still waiting for anything that resembles help.