Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So, Jay, How's That AR Coming?

Over the weekend, when I visited with Wally and tried my hand at rifle shooting, I got a chance to visit with my AR build. It's very close to completion, and Wally has sworn me to embargo any pictures until it is complete. Which is shame, because this rifle kicks some serious ass.

He did, however, give me a parts list of what went into it, and in the interest of not forgetting any of it, figured I'd list what was going into this rifle:
Lower: York Arms Conspirator (natch') with a custom serial number
Stock: Choate E2 'butthook' style
Trigger: York Arms 2-stage at a very crisp 4.5 lbs
Upper: A4 flat top, no sights / no optics per your request
BCG: A correct 8620 carrier and 158 MPI bolt, all done in NickelBoron
Barrel: York Arms custom - 223Wylde, 1:8 twist, air-gaged, Chrome-MolyVanadium, 'husky' profile, 25" length, fitted with a NickelBoron extension.
Handguard: Troy Alpha VTAC, 13" with a short rail segment to mate to a bipod
The stock will eventually be swapped out with something like the Magpul PRS, but for now the butthook gives something to hold onto for precision work at a price that didn't make this build too pricey. I'd prefer something adjustable, since this is meant to be a long-distance precision rifle shot mainly from a rest. The flattop upper will have the Leupold Mark AR that the good folks at Leupold were kind enough to send for the build a few months back.

The barrel, well, I know that 20" probably would have worked just as well, but the extra length can't hurt, and after shooting the MG Arms K-Yote with the 24" tube, I'm impressed as hell with the accuracy out of the longer barrel. I've got a nice Harris swivel-mount bipod that I can put on it, but I'm thinking about looking for one of the rail-mounted ones for aesthetic purposes.

Hopefully I should have pictures of the completed rifle in the near future, and it will be a Friday Gun Pr0n picture shortly!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Stick with the Harris... Just sayin...

ZerCool said...

Wait ... York Arms trigger??

Roger said...

It finally stopped raining long enough for me to take my new build to the range. After some break in and scope zeroing, I managed to get in two 100 yd 5 rd groups before the scope reticle failed. One 7/16" one 3/8" with no load development. Looks good. Oh yes, don't buy cheap scopes no matter how good they advertise.

Jay G said...


I'm leaning towards it. I'm just real fumble-fingered when it comes to getting the swivel-swing mount engaged... Plus I've got at least two dedicated long-distance rigs now, so I should get a second bipod, right? Two is one, etc. :)


You know, that was literally my exact response when he told me.

It is very nice. Light without being scary, slight take-up, and lets go right when you want it to. I am very much looking forward to wreaking havoc on prairie dogs with this rifle...


Very nice groupings (but not surprising) and truth on the scope. I tested the Leupold at 100 yards (I need to write that up, actually), and it is definitely a superior optic.

SteveG said...

I'm real fond of Harris Bipods myself. As a suggestion you can get a S Lever from Brownells to help deal with engaging the swivel and a Bipod Adapter from LaRue might be useful as well. Or you could just get a semi-custom LaRue Bipod.

Wally said...

It will be complete in short order and I cannot wait to put it in your hands!

Anonymous said...

You do realize that length has nothing to do with accuracy, right?

Shorter barrels are inherently more accurate than longer barrels, because they suffer from less barrel whip.

Longer barrels MAY give you higher velocity, which MAY help with less drift. BUT in a zero sum situation, with equal quality barrels and no wind, a 16" barrel is more accurate than a 24" barrel of the same diamater.


Wally said...

Never that simple Bill.

Your are over simplifying and neglecting a few things like moment and harmonics and stabilization.

And what is the magic length? if 16 is better than 24, is 10 better than 16 ?

Anonymous said...

Of course it isn't that simple, my point was that accuracy is not dependent on a long barrel.

Shorter, stiffer barrels have less issue with harmonics than longer, whippier barrels.

Short enough, stiff enough, and harmonics are no issue at all, though when it comes to rifles, we have that stupid 16" rule we have to deal with.

So its a trade off, velocity for for stiffness. Like all things gunnie, its a complicated issue.


Anonymous said...


I have AR's with 16", 18", 20" and 28".

That 28" is playing the speed game, and it shoots well out to 1000 yards or better. (It's not in 5.56.)