Wednesday, October 10, 2012

R.I. P. Mongo...

Alex Karras, former NFL lineman, actor, dies at 77
DETROIT — Alex Karras was one of the NFL's most feared defensive tackles throughout the 1960s, a player who hounded quarterbacks and bulled past opposing linemen.

And yet, to many people he will always be the lovable dad from the 1980s sitcom "Webster" or the big cowboy who famously punched out a horse in "Blazing Saddles."
Mongo but pawn in game of life. What a great movie, what a great character. Well-played by Alex Karras. I found it interesting that the man feared by quarterbacks and western townsfolk alike would become the mild-mannered George Papadopolis in Webster. 77 is too young, but for a former NFL lineman, he had a pretty good run all things considered.

Rest in peace, Mongo...

That is all.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Sad. : (

TexasFred said...

Rest in Peace..

Brad_in_MA said...


An alarming number of these former athletes are suffering from neurological issues. Alex Karras had dementia, former Bears QB Jim McMahon has alzheimers, many have parkinsons or other "tremor" issues, and a group also have ALS -- Lou Gehrig's disease. One has to think that all the pounding these men sustained in their pro, college, and high school playing years had some connection to their problems. In the end, "Mongo" died of kidney failure but was significantly damaged from a neuro standpoint.

- Brad

Anonymous said...

Play in the NFL, die young.

That has been known for MANY years.

Last I checked, the average life expectancy of an NFL lineman was less than 60.

Trade money and fame for length of life..... It's done in many walks of life, including race car drivers, fireman, policemen, and soldiers.

Karras beat the odds by about 20 years.

By all accounts a good man, RIP!

Timmeehh said...

I will always remember him as the lucky SOB who was married to Susan Clark.